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How to replace a broken display HP Model 2000 laptop

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How to fix a broken laptop screen, Replacing the display on my daughters HP Model 2000 laptop
Part number 689690-001
Part # 689690-001 SPS-DSPLY RAW PANEL 15.6 BV HD
Product number C2M44UA#ABA


just me says:

so just everyone knows,you do not have to get the exact model number for the screen,any small pin screen will fit in any small pin laptop anything with ddr2 up to ddr3 with windows 7 8 and 10

Kayla Stanshall says:

I don't have windows and I don't know if I can find a new screen😭 I only got it a year ago

Kayla Stanshall says:

All I did was just ho,d it at the top for a second and I heard a crack. Each day I check on it and each time I do that it gets worse. I have told my mum and my brother and sooo scared to tell my dad. I am soo upset.

bulli babu Ramakuri says:

My laptop screen one side black shade please help me

Ella says:

Lmao I decided it was a good idea to play Overwatch at 3am, was playing mercy and a d.va bomb got me many times and… here I am

rajesh prajapati says:

This is not in tablet

Sasi K K says:

i was playing truck . broken the display

Zashie GT says:

I was playing ETS2, the screen didn't crack or anything, it suddenly turns like a no connection white screen on tv.

Toyota Prius says:

I was playing roblox and the screen when all pixelated


Common Sense says:

Lol i was playing Robocraft and I raged so I punched my screen slightly but it decided to crack. Shit

Unvestation says:

What were you playing when you did this

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