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How to repair laptop motherboards

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A free video how to repair laptop motherboards. For laptop, iphone and ipad repairs visit my website at http://www.canary-wharf-laptop-repairs.co.uk check out my channel for more video how to guides


Luke Hills Fox says:

Can I upgrade my laptop motherboard (I want to upgrade the CPU from 1.8 to
2.4 (at least) I’ve got a Tosh satellite 50L-A and I want to find a
satellite pro motherboard (same shape) and do the switch — is this

badfoody says:

hey my laptop a Satellite L745 now shuts down randomly while a I play games.
I have the graphics on low, resolution low, main settings on performance, I
never run on High Performance (But I used to, but it starts shutting down)
I run it on eco mode. But ever since I cleaned the thing, it started dying
whenever I play a game.
I don’t use a battery when I game.

I just wanna know if this is a motherboard problem or a graphics card
problem? Because it’s really driving me nuts

Hamood Hokage says:

my laptop had a problem many people sad that my motherboard is not working
because the charger the power was going up the down then up then down then
the motherboard was distroyed and i want to fix it but lots of the shops
sad that we cannot fix the motherboard but some of them told me you have to
go to jumbo or emax or saraf dj which one is the best company for fixing
the motherboard?

moviemakerwannabe says:

Could you explain the tools? You said a hot air gun but what is that,
where can they be purchased and what voltage or watts should it be? thank

James Davis says:

To test capacitors on a laptop motherboard you need a meter that beeps. One
that makes a noise when you touch the red and black cables together. Touch
either side of the capacitor if it beeps then 9 times out of ten its dead.
Sometimes though its not dead but i need a lot of explaining to tell you
why. Must of the time you can see its blown. 

Sivash Persaud says:

is a hot gun and a heat gun the same???

James Davis says:

The best hot gun to use is a sealy h’s 102.v3 on low air setting. You can
adjust the amount of heat and air flow. It’s one of the most expensive on
the market but in my view the best. I’ve been using mine for around 10
years and still works perfect 

Jiří Zedník says:

To je pěkná prasečina, takhle se to rozhodně nedělá

Derrick Master says:

The explanation about SMD capacitors testing you mentioned is unproven. You
can not test a SMD capacitor without special meters in circuit. Either a
ESR meter is accurate on electrolytic capacitor measuring in circuit. And
even if you have found a defective one, you have to remove it and test it
outside the circuit to be sure. Most capacitors, will not beep either, some
of them will beep if you test them taking ground from the motherboard ( –
negative probe ) and when you put the positive probe to certain sides on
the cap it will beep continuously. From this stance you can not prove
anything. In other words, measuring and testing capacitors in circuit, you
measure a value that is affected by a series of components that are
grounded/bent together. Some of them will beep, others will not, and saying
that they are burnt or damaged this way is absolutely wrong. SMD
capacitors, especially that one you showed in your video have no + – sides
and can not dry out. ( Tantalum series for example have + – sides ) and can
dry out. Of course everything can break and burn out, but very rarely this
is the case on such components. They are made differently and have no fluid
inside that can dry out. In a such situation mostly a series of components
burn out including transistors, voltage regulators… and it is a hard work
that needs much experience and knowledge to find all defective parts and
replace them in order to repair a motherboard. In many cases in such
damages it is visibly that some components are molten and burnt, but it
happens rare. Sometimes repairing a motherboard is a pain in the ass, and
at the end you have no success. There is not really many experts that are
able to repair almost everything, knowledge and experience are the key in
such situations.

Engineering & Technology says:

Awesome video. Keep on good work.

Laptop Repair Brighton says:

Nice video James.

Sony Hossain says:

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pearlman dave says:

straight to the point how to do it love it. Cheers.

marghani habil says:

sir do you have a video showing on how to use the multi meter to see if the
capacitor on the laptop is broken thanks

JORDANLS1995 says:

I’ve a question if you can help.

I’ve managed to break-off the connector to a laptop motherboard which was
the power button small plastic two prong male connector. I did this while
replacing the DC connector. Can you advise please?

Solder Iron 20w over-powered?
Where to buy the replacement connector?


syed ahannan says:

thanks you half me.pleas give me your,number

ewan nixon says:

what temperature that u use for a hot gun ?

Izek Asimov says:

Bro, thanks for the video! What kind of hotgun are you using?

Daniel Barnes says:

How do you test caps on laptop motherboard please

korbuda says:

where can I buy a new chip?

mogammed toriq goolam nabie says:

thanx a lot for james…. dam! that really helped me a lot learnt sum gr8
stuff keep it up

Jahan Zeb says:

Excellent video on basic repair.

James Davis says:

I use a butain pencil but not most work. The pencil is just for speed. The
best soldering irons on the market are JBC. Use a Stereo microscope too if
you need to get in close. For all other repair ideas for repairing visit

James Davis says:

Thanks guys. This repair can be carried out on iphone motherboards and
projectors. I would not recommend using a hot gun on full heat on all
mobile phones as the boards these days are getting thinner and thinner !!

Muhammad isarai says:

james that good of u

stopthepolicestate says:

nice vid, thanks

LittleJmal says:

man i love this video

shane pump her says:

how do u know if the i.chip goes bad,does it swell?

arielatom03 says:

do solid state capacitors break often too? and how do you know theyre
broken? thanks.

James Davis says:

no it does not swell but they will sometimes show burn out like a small
burn on them. you need a meter to test them. sometimes you have to remove
them to test them there is no easy way to explain how to test them just buy
a book on simple electronics and you can learn that way.

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