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How To Repair Computer Power Supply and Diagnose Fan

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Learn how to repair a desktop computer power supply. First diagnose the bad or failing power supply. Once you have identified that the PSU (power supply unit) is bad, then remove all cables and begin to unscrew the housing screws. Now install the new power supply and proceed to installation of the new Power Supply Unit.

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SephiLord says:

-_- I thought he will repair the PSU…
That’s replacing not repairing D:

I hate google says:

my power supply fan stooped working so i got it replaced but the guy
connected it to the mother board is that good ?

yuppiehi says:

Wow, that was a waste. There is a difference between “repair” and “swap”.

m1n34 says:

there are people who thinks that replacing the item is “repairing” and
there are those who thinks that taking item apart and repairing it with
tools is repairing.

ComedyTragedy says:

Your video is NOT how to REPAIR computer power supply. It’s How to REPLACE
computer power supply. Big difference

Matt Swinehart says:

Changed my PSU today. Took me 5 minutes from the time I took the 1st
mounting screw off till it was wired.

BTW. Your “star” screw driver is called a Torx driver.

Not trying to be a smart ass. Just stating my time and what the tool is.

bhaz1941 says:

Please refund the 19 minutes I just wasted. Please retitle this video “How
to Replace Computer Power Supply”. thanks.

shagel singh says:

This Not Repairt Sir It Install power suppley fan

Earl Cuayx says:

That’s repair!?

Heath Ledger says:

Yeah, I could replace a PSU in 5 minutes, I want to know how to fix one.

WorldHope says:

Misleading title…WTF!!!!

Mads Magnus Kristensen says:

As stated by many others, this is not repairing the PSU – but simply
replacing it. Please consider a different use of naming for your videos :(

Harry Ballzonya says:

AMAZING! Please tell me how you got 173 thousand views? I know, because
your title sucks! You did a SWAP not a REPAIR and in case you weren’t
aware, there is a difference!

BreakerInc says:

This is labeled in a very misleading way.

Kitten Mom says:

It’s sloooooooooooooower than my basil seeds germination!

Compu-sac says:

How To Repair Computer Power Supply and Diagnose Fan

shablanka s says:

my power supply is working and the lights turns on then it turns off for
few seconds and start to work again and repeat that for many time until the
computer start to work .. so can u help me in this

Carland Rodriguez says:

that’s not repairing sir, it is how to install :(

amar gile says:

My psu fan wont spin ,,,

Junie J says:

yuppiehi I said the same thing. I was looking for a bench repair and didnt
see one. Dude come on please edit your title. Computer power supply swap.

ryan cler says:

hey guys i know how to fix psu, go buy 10$ at store… fixed lol.

Ramesh M says:

Thanks for Youtube

MSI6728 says:

The best part is @ around 8:30 when he puts in the new PSU the wrong way —
truly professional, yeah! ;D

Vijay Shinde says:

Dump guy dont know how to insert male female connector

Ryan Lagunsin says:

Fuck you cj..

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