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How To Repair A Laptop After A Liquid Spill : Tutorial !

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In this tutorial, I show you how I repair a laptop that’s had a liquid such as tea, coffee, water, juice, beer, wine etc spilled on it. (
computer technician , fix laptop cheap )
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Sniper pro says:

my computer ant got no battery nigro

xXMediaTrix says:

I spilt a liter of water And here is the story:

I was talking with my friend using Skype and we where playing gta and while we are plying I wanted to drink water so I grabbed out my 1 liter water and started drinking it and while I was drinking it a kid screams into my ear from the voice chat and I spilled the water everywhere on top of my 2k laptop that I bought from 2 days ago so I quickly tilted it over and powered it off and left it for a whole day outside and now I will power it on Soooo yeah wish me luck guys

Edit:Sh** I turned it on and it did not end up well

NoraIsLazy says:

I have a windows 10 and I damaged it so bad that windows won't install…

Vanessa and the crew WzW says:

I spilled iced tea on mine and I cut the power immediately but I was too late and the ice tea is dry in my laptop and It keeps going in and off every time I turn it on it goes off pleaseeeee helpppppp me I have no hope (MacBook pro)

Miss Rias Gremory リアスグレモリー says:

My problem is, that…. I spilled some juice on my keyboard on my Asus laptop. Been having some troubles, and it works now the touch screen was able to recover, but the keyboard and mouse touch thing doesn't work. Is there anything I can do about that?

Miss Rias Gremory リアスグレモリー says:

Does this work witg asus laptops?

alivia lauren says:

ugh!!! got a chrome book last christmas and unfortunately got a little water on the keyboard a couple months ago and only a few keys don’t work. i’ll press it and it doesn’t type anything. does anyone know what i could do? really appreciate it

Fresh! Sans says:

Ahem.. I'm a child with two laptops and I take care of them very well. So, I was drinking Pepsi (Yes I'm Irresponsible..) and I spilled it, on it.. I watched a video and tried, it dried and well, it made this weird distorted sound and I really don't know what to do. Can you help?

Belizean Bad&Bruja says:

Im not sure if my daughter spilled something on there but my Chromebook won't turn on for shit. Smh I got the charger on it I'm just wait until it does do I keep the charger on it while I wait?

SepticSlash Gaming says:

I spilt ramen juice all over mine

xXshadowmaniaXx says:

I did this and when I poured water on it I let it dry for a week

CookieMan2015 says:

what if its only a few drops and only one key is disabled/doesnt work well

Ferrara KidsClub says:

It should just show someone spilling a drink on their laptop and then say "step one: you're screwed."

Dark says:

I know this is old, but I turned my on it works fine, it's only the keyboard that doesn't work

generation techs says:

can you repair my laptop plz

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