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How to Repair a DEAD Computer

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In this video Carey takes a dead HP computer and shows you the cheapest and easiest way to reliably repair it.

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wrothacker4 says:

I plan on watching this video in 2015.

joe banana says:

I can take a perfectly fine running, latest model, and make it into a
completely useless block of sheet metal in seconds.

Yudiarto Galindo says:

Love It

cyberjackcyberjack says:

thanks for the tip about using a redundant power switch.. i alwaysd shorted
it with skewdriver, bin fixing them for 20 years and never accured to me lol
oh the product key sticker comes of just fine if you warm it up with
hairdryer :)

batman39400 says:

that is the same HP i had that broke

wiredrick101 says:

I like the work bench, it’s portable, not to large, and of course
anti-static. I hope your contest is still running. Either way I’m happy to
subscribe to your channel.

jackie susan Lee says:

i like video desktop computer fix it is very great video to learn about
desktop computer .i like it a lot.

michael Phipps says:

2014 :3

Gerry Cantral says:

Good video, subscribed.

TheCarablanco says:

This is one of the better vids I’ve seen regarding upgrading an existing
compie with newer components. I was surprised to see how many issues it
addressed. Thanks for posting. ~ S ~

deathsmaster023 says:

close 2014

Da Holbrooksta says:

Subscribed, lol

TheGuiltyGuys says:

You Sir, deserve more subscribers… :D

JaYJ4yVM says:

I found exactly the same desktop on my loft! I cleaned him and only bought
a new power supply and now I can play games like League of Legends on it
(with low settings tho)!

Oldemar Salgado Lara says:

Hi Carey! Greeting from Costa Rica, I really like your videos, i like to
build computers too, thanks for sharing!

nasser abdi says:

your good 

Miguel A says:

Thank for the video, was looking up how to replace a motherboard. Since I
want to get a new one to support newer cpu’s. 

Qatar Raku says:

u r work Wonderful………………..

Er. Shariq Ahmad says:

How to repair a dead computer.

Lumotaku says:

Besteq isnt generic its just the cheapest chinese power supply sold at most
shows, And its junk.

MrThehogster1 says:

Lol but was the windows 7 legit …….. 

Brandon Qiu says:

Just bang on your PC until it starts 

Whitentar says:

Your dog was thirsty

Okieboy7 says:

This Guy has the Best Sound and Clearest Video that I’ve ever seen for
Tec.Stuff that is !!! And I can Understand everything thing he says !!!
And You can Tell, that He Actually knows Just Exactly what He’s talking
about, Boy I Wish I had Him Working on My PC. for a while !!!
Okieboy7…Good Job Carey !!! Keep Up the Good Work !!! 

Macharddrives says:

Amazing video!

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