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How to Repair a DEAD Computer

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In this video, I have an HP computer that will not boot-up. Watch as I explain the diagnostic process and repair this computer in a ‘live on camera’ style. I hope to not only show you how easy it is, but also have you laugh a little along the way.

Original How to Repair a DEAD Computer (Feb 2012):

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Robby Sondak says:

Sir, my HP computer suddenly just keep on beeping everytime I turn the power on and it does not even booting. Any clues?
And yes, it's an old HP computer.

kon simon says:

thank sir carey im a beginner at pc repairing and i want to make pc repair for a living since i cant afford to go pc school lessons and your videos helps me learn on this thanks

Raymond Hays says:

Totally enjoyed this video, I am a retired US CG Electrician and the one thing I sooo agree with you on is the methods of troubleshooting. step by step and soon the answer just pops up for you. The main reason I watched this is my son is having the problem we know all the components are good because they came out of his current computer he built over 4 years ago, the reason he has this problem is he received a newer Motherboard with the capabilities of enlarging and expanding his uses (he is a gamer) but he also uses it for his animation/Music compilation. He is graduating this spring with a degree in this field. well last week he got the new case (tower) that will be big enough to mount his new motherboard. after assembly he attempted to turn it on and all he got was the running fans, and both of his hard drives and solid state drive, but nothing, so far, no beeps etc just his fans run, he thought that may be when he transferred the CPU he did something wrong, he basically returned everything to his old system and it works fine, I am hoping that the new mother board is ok but it really doesn't look good.
So far we both have had three home built computers (we learned early on proprietary computers are not that well built). My last home built was destroyed by an internal fire on the Motherboard. and until I can afford to get another one built, I am using an old DELL for just my real basic uses.
Again I enjoyed your video for its basic thought patterns

Skr4x says:

Funny enough, my issue was the same as your's. My friend has had a very similar issue, those darned pesky RAM sticks. Thank you for the video!


Nguyen Phan says:

thank you

Jack Mentor says:

Excellent Instructor, very well done.

hagomoro Byakuya says:

its a good video sir.. i have learned so much..

Tom Goodwin says:

I did cringe when you snapped the ram. I fixed a faulty ram chip one time with a pencil eraser on the tabs.

Tom Goodwin says:

built XP out of older box and stand alone for playing DIABLO 2 in 2002, It still works fine in 2017 and I can use older fat32 stuff that will not work with w7 or w10. I use linux mint on my lap for net. w10 is just horrible period, I hate it.

Nathan Jennings says:

My biggest gripe with HP is the proprietary power supply units in their SFF desktops. Once that proprietary PSU fries out, you're up the creek.
On the laptop issue: understood. The inability to upgrade the graphics processor sucks.

ThatGTAFan720 says:

Heres My slogan for Acer, Do You Like It?
Crappy &

Henry Watson says:

Great video Carey!
I have a very
similar problem and after going through all your steps got to the
same point – removing one of the two RAB cards made the system work
fine However after shutting down the computer and rebooting it the
screen was blank again! I shut the PC down again and I put the RAM
card back in – the result was that the display worked fine again!
I have repeated the process many times with each of the two RAM
cards. The display works but only for the first time after either
removing or reinserting a RAM card!
Any ideas please?

bro 22 says:

Great video

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