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How to Repair a Bent iPad

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How to repair a bent iPad. In this video I have an iPad mini that is bent bad enough to keep the Digitizer from laying down flat. It holds the corner up because the aluminum back panel is bent in the corner. I use a simple technique to get the bent iPad Mini back in shape for the screen replacement.


night killer says:

well I getting a i pad pro or the newer one that came out

night killer says:

I also sad I bend my ipad air 2


even me I bent my ipad air 2

xtearox says:

My ipad air 2 is bent

Nakshat Gupta says:

My Ipad Air 2 is bent. It is very little but because of pressure on the screen the screen keeps going off… This is probably coz the screen goes away from the digitizer. I know it can be fixed easily. Please help. I cannot take the screen out

R. akash says:

dude! could u please help me how to check approximately whether my mob has bent?

John Lee says:

Hi MDR, so my iPad Air 2 is slightly bent around the sim-card tray to the rest of the corner. The digitizer is still fully functional. Do you think that using a clamp while keeping the screen on is feasible? If not, what would be the best way to proceed to bend it back to its place?

DarkLordEmperor 612 says:

ipad air lols

BrickyMeteor 799 says:

My ipads bent in the middle

PaulMasterProX says:

Is this safe? And if so is there any repair shops that unbent iPads ?

maxud28 says:

Thanks for the video, after watching I used a similar technique to straighten out iPad Air that somebody sat on. You saved the poor iPad from a 20 ton press I was gonna use at first 🙂

Vighnesh Alungal says:

Mines vented at the bottom of the charging area and some what on the area of volume button I'm so sad and frustrated I rly need help

laura whittington says:

Hey mate! Just wondering. I had a volleyball hit my iPad. iPad bent, and screen shattered. But it still works a treat. Hopefully he iPad will be replaced by my insurance company. But if not I Was wondering if I was to put the iPad on a very flat surface, and slowly add weight to it over a couple of days/ weeks… It would bend it back? I've taken it to repair places, and they won't touch it as they think it might damage the hardrive. Was going to take it to Apple as an out of service fee.. But the cost is almost half the iPad itself. I don't feel comfortable being so forceful to bend it like you have done here.. And time isn't an issue. Any advice is appreciated. Laura

Oh.. It's an iPad Air. Normal size. And the bend is almost a quarter of the iPad. On the top left corner.

HarshMaleStudios says:

I got a galaxy tab s2 from best buy and it was bent. what do I dl

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