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How to Remove Scratches from your Smartphone’s Screen

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Unknown Psyko says:

Looooooooooooool that fucking accent though lmaooooooooo APOOOOOO FROM

CodfishCatfish says:

What a bunch of stupid comments. The guy is clearly Indian, He has took the
time to make an informative video so why knock him. I think Indian accents
are great, it reminds me of how diverse the world is. Speaks fluent English
better than some wanabee Yardy gangsters… Thank you iGyaan and please
keep up the videos. 21 years an electronics engineer and I appreciate
little videos like these. 10/10

Sara Flores says:

I LOVE YOUR accent! And thanks FOR THE help!

Amelia 8P says:

Does it work for cracked screens

Saurabh Kumar says:

sorry what was the last part about the disadvantage of using toothpaste?

Danny Mills says:

Anyone know if these will work on a 3ds?

Robin Finch says:

Does this work in scared to try it out lol 

david milan says:

This doesn’t even work…

Justin Ludwig says:

I love how min cream “is available int eh market” yet I can’t find it. When
you flash it on the screen its all blurred. Not really buying this works.

Obamacare Mishra says:

what the actual fuck, i’ll bet a buck that it wont work,
if it does
maybe if i rub myself with baking soda, colgate and polish, i’ll turn into
a athlete

Lil Halley says:

Man those of you who complain about his english and accent are retarded,
it’s such a pity people like you exist 

Edgar Guerra says:

awesome!, thanks for this video!

nano prog says:

Have yet to try it 🙂 – How to Remove Scratches from your Smartphone’s

Dakota Jones says:

How long do leave it out

Copper_ Face_24_7 says:

Pakie pakie 

smokejc says:

Does this work on a non-touch screen phone?

Eamin Sadek Shaionta says:

Did this method works please give answer yes/no

Ryan says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Will Brad says:

Thanks for taking the time to put together this compilation cleaning video.
It’s EXACTLY what I was looking for. P.S. Don’t mind the idiots in this
thread. I like your accent and you are clearly way more intelligent that
the biggots in this thread. Maybe if they actually had a life of their
own, they could make their own video and we could snicker on them? lol

Laser Bang Bang says:

Indians are Brilliant. Thanks for this amazing guide, it actually removed
some of the Screen’s scratches; but this was not permanent though, it was
only for a matter of Time.

Anointed Truth says:

Thanks :)

Austin Jordan says:

Hey guys a really good product I use for my phone screen and phone is
maguires scratch x it works amazing for scratches 

Arijit Samaddar says:

Use a screen protector, dummies….. using toothpaste to remove scratches,

How To Videos says:

*I really enjoyed this video, thumbs up mate !!!*

Geo Anime says:

Wow it’s working 

chinacane says:

All those morons moaning about his accent stfu. He is helping you improve
your phone’s aesthetics you ungrateful thickos.

Milenija Arsekic says:

but what did he say in the end about some sacrifice when it comes to tooth
paste? xD i didn’t understand

swagger gaming says:

People have some damn respect 

Paola E Mireles says:

does it work?? 

Cassandra Elkins says:

Has anyone actually tried this?

Dick Groff says:

Understood very little.

LumpySpacePrincess SoLumpy says:

Why u guys fucking care about his accent or the way he talks we’re all here
to learn the how-to not to act like Simon cowell and say things what we
don’t like about him, if you don’t like the dude, WHO CARES! You’re here to
watch the frickin video not to insult him

Ramo MadDude says:

WTF is That Accent ?

Fitchyfox's Gaming Channel says:

I have more scratches now, and I followed it specifically…

Victoria Brooks says:

Sweet I will be trying this 🙂 

soviet1918 says:

MMmmmm my phone spells minty lol :)

Fady Maher says:

I cant find the cream , can i don’t use it ? 

hatti vatti says:

i actually rubber thootpaste on my Xperia, R.I.P in pieces… >:(

TheRjbdam says:

Not sure how closely I should follow the instructions, so I’m going to make
sure to use an Indian accent while talking to the person next to me while
doing this.

Crunchy says:

It works like magic!

slice of bread says:

Why are there so many racist comments about his voice?
You clicked on this video to see how to fix a scratched screen right?
So why are there so many people making fun of his voice instead of doing
what the comment section is really used for?
Your all just a racist bunch of plebs

squall0833 says:

what he actually did:
show you scratched phone
then mix thingy and wipe it on screen
after it dried, wipe it
tear the scratched screen protector off
continue video capture, shows you the perfect looking screen

MIguel G says:

take off your dick from your mouth and talk again

Douchebag Studios says:

below the age of ten lol

Pandaholic7913 says:

Thank you. But can you speak a little slower. :)

bluejaysold says:

If we were to leave the toothpaste on the touch screen how long would you
have to leave it there for? 20min 1 hour ?

Mr CamBee says:

dose this work for a 3ds

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