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How to remove a computer virus / malware

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Updated and better guide (April 2017): https://youtu.be/57yMi7fFito

To Safe Boot in Windows 10, should work for Windows 8/8.1 read below:
– On your desktop hit Windows key + R
– Type: msconfig
– Go to the Boot tab
– Under Boot options, select Safe boot and pick the Network option
– Apply and reboot

A simple, easy and free way to remove a virus or malware.

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ZZ24AS says:

Thank you very much,I cleaned 5414 malware! Watching Swedish Western it is not healthy for computer. 🙂

xGaminglords374 says:

where is the FA key?!?!?!?!!?!?

The bravest gamers says:

My pc said virus found would you like to recover your pc and 5 mins later my pc was fine

KartsiGamer says:

downloads malwarebytes from download.com (facepalm)

Joseph martin says:

updated guide on discription fuckerssss!!

MajesticClangers says:

My old laptop won't load past the DRIVERS screen, any advice?

Lulu4Him says:

I keep getting "update to newest version" about a dozen times a day, but I've updated three times and still getting this notice. How do I get rid of it? Thank you for your time.

bacon bits says:

When I grow up I'm gonna try to make the best anti virus

Smarmy Slayer says:

i dont have a virus what am i doing here

Tineke Williams says:

Me and thank you so much!

DV Plushies says:


amisha smith says:

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Bishwa Mohan Jha says:

Sneh harami nahi hua na to dekhna

zDeiu12 YoutubePro says:

Hei i have buton of start + virus telekom 😢

SharkyPlays says:

I get the Recovery Screen every time I boot up

Sam Kayrie says:

You made my day.. thank u

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