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How to quickly fix laptop cooling fan and resume normal operation of the computer MAH02617

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Almost all computers have fans in them. These fans use lubricant that often turns hard. That prevents fan from rotating and cooling the system. System overheats, hangs up or complains. All these problems can be quickly resolved if you follow this simple video. Good luck.


Greg Belcher says:

Thank you so much. My HP Pavilion G7’s fan kept stopping. This guide+Oil
does the job
Thank you again

PlayDuDe says:

can i use glue? i don’t have lubricator

naniasbr says:

Nice guide. What about fans making rattling noise even after cleaning and
aplying new lubricant? cheers

John D says:

Youre kidding me right. 1st off use patrolium jelly as the lubercamt ive
repaired many of them fans with patrolium jelly and fans still running like
new after yrs of use as for the marks from the fan spinning thats normal
all fans get that doesnt mean anything bad.

PlayDuDe says:


Malcolm Moodley says:

Thank you for putting this up. it helped me out. Too bad there are many
people out there that are so negative they will do anything to put people
down, They probably never did anything good for anyone in their lives. So
thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort to make the vid in
the first place. The world needs more people to share their knowledge. –
Forget about people that say you’re crazy to try, find those that say your
crazy not to!!

Illumation Streambutler says:

You doesn’t need to disassemble the whole fan. Just use an old toothbrush
to clean the blades and edges and blow some are thru it. After this, remove
the middle part of the sticker on the front (with brand and modelnumber)
and spray a little amount of silicon oil into the axle. Rotate it several
times and rinse the axle with some tissue paper. Use some sticky tape to
cover the axle. Your job is done, silence as it was before.

PlayDuDe says:

what is libricator?

espresso says:

I think the reason why any lubricant doesn’t last long in your fans is
because these particular bearings (probably made out of porous bronze)
require to be oil impregnated to function properly.
And while it’s not possible to do the following procedure with fans, it can
generally be done by heating up the oil, dropping the bearing into it, and
after 15 minutes dropping the bearing into cold oil to cool down.

Marshall Murdock says:

WD-40 is an awesome lubicant and cleaner. We also used it in the army to
clean and lubricate our guns ;)

Romeo Tango says:

Wonder if you can use some good old fashion grease? Obviously not a lot but
maybe a small dab some on a Q-tip? 

Mark Palines says:

thank you very much sir for this video, iv been working on my netbook for
about 6 months now and saving my unit

thank you very much more power

hellnoob11 says:

work the shaft back and forth and get it lubricated. heh

Abraham Levit says:

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