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How to Quick fix Laptop Charging port

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Sony Vaio PC repair service video, Charger fix This Quick fix to the Charge Power plug in port of Laptop computer notebook loose connection prevents battery from charging. Service tutorial video guide fix bad charging port review Unplug Powercord & Battery Pack 1st before Working On PC Laptops. Does Not, Charge, Is Not, Charging, Isn’t, Doesn’t Connect to Charger Led Light


tealmerbean says:

I’m just trying to keep my current laptop working until I can get a new one
and this has helped tremendously – Thanks!

dean mohammed says:

How do you fix the thing in the middle

Sara Q says:

fixed my laptop in seconds at home without going throug the hassle of
opening the screws…. thankyou.Worked on my TOSHIBA SATELLITE C55

Vincent Cafiero says:

Um I thought my comp was busted so I smashed it and the charger xD. The
hammer was worth it xD

Steven Vo says:

Thank you so much! This worked (with the tweezers)! I was totally freaking
out… but thank god that worked! xD

nathan moy says:

Thank you so much

GamingGirl143 -The Gaming Channel says:

nothing is wrong with that thing the laptop is not charging this is NO help

Brigid Coyne says:

Thank you!

iPheezy says:

is it working for Samsung R620?? I don’t have 2 things in my port

Social Work says:

Jonnie Figuera says:

Does this work for ASUS u56e? It only has one instead of 2

Paulina Stewart says:

Hi, I have this problem on my Asus Notebook (ar5b125). I accidentally
shoved my headphones into the DC jack, now the notebook will only charge if
I place the plug in just right – and even then, half the time I look back
after 10 seconds and it stops charging. The pin doesn’t look damaged (and
there’s only one pin) but I’m wondering if you think I could fix it by
gently tugging the pin back out a bit (aka, is this not an issue of my DC
Jack not making connection with the motherboard and instead just that the
pin has been jammed in too far?). Please let me know what you think. I
can’t afford to have it professionally repaired and if this isn’t a viable
option I’m going to have to open the thing up and attempt to solder
whatever was damaged. :/

Susan H says:

Saving this…need to try on my two laptops that have this issue.

OYLkaren2 says:

OMFG thank you so much!!!!!!!

Andrew Johnson says:

Stumbled on this from another video to help my particular laptop. I wish
manufacturers would make up there damn mine and/ore stop being greedy to
make a reliable universal charger port for all laptops like how it is for
most (99%) desktop’s PSUs. I mean you have your 18V’s, 15V’s, 19.5V’s,
19V’s, etc. It’s all fucked

Bailey Phillips says:

It didn’t work for me

bublik11 . says:

gonna try thjis now

Brenda Whiteman says:

Thank goodness, do you know how hard it is to try to work with one hand?
or how ugly it looks to tape that darn cord in? which doesn’t work? I am
going to try this immediately. 

samad islam says:

there are two gold bits inside the port. 1 of them is really easy to pull
but the other one doesn’t move. So when I did the one that does move, it
doesn’t work. HELP

Angelofbeers says:

Bro you’re a god, I Worked for a good hour trying to fix my laptop and then
googled thinking i was missing something, and i was I didnt push the pins
together but i pulled the ground out. You helped me so much Thx bro.

Gabriela Karklinska says:

You are amazing!!! Wish you could fix my laptop. The top bit of the housing
which makes the charger fit tight have snapped off and needs completely
replacing and I have no idea how to do it on my own :/ . You make it sound
and look really easy. 

killer11843 says:

Hey there, My laptop has only 1 pin and all the ground connections are on
the outer part and I cant push them out :/ I have a Toshiba Equimm
P200-178. I am sure that your reply will help me and many many others. 

Musa AB says:

Thank you!!

MissWWE20 says:

This could work as this will be the 2nd time I’ve had to have it sautered

Ahmaf Arif Arif says:

Lol its work bro. Thank you very much. Million much. ;)

Musa AB says:

Thank you!!

Randy Tallman says:

Thank you for the quick fix! From my research on the web, I discovered this
appears to be a common problem with Sony Vaio laptops. Thank you for saving
me the repair charges.

esmeralda covarrubias says:

Thank you so much I will give it a try.

dragonmster92 says:

can this work for asus pc???

IDevuhstate says:

my port completly came off -_- imma have to buy a new or get sum1 to fix it

thetwistedcherri says:

thank you… thank you… thank you! I love you – saved me 60 bucks!

Tampatec says:

thx 8^)

Tampatec says:

unplug power-cord & battery on pc 1st, glue-gun won’t hurt anything just
glue the plastic housing not the metal parts but if you do just scrape the
glue off the charging metal connections.

Ray Bowie says:

fucking worked, cheers man!

Kinqmar says:

On my asus pc i have to force in and hold my charger in for it to charge my

chocolater2 says:

i have an acer aspire with only one pin…uhh…..do i just skip the first
“tweezing” part?

Amy Punohu says:

And sure enough it worked! Yay my laptop hasnt been used in over a year
because of it Thanks so much!

DarkGamingHD says:

the plug hole in my loptop looks so different than yours all i see is a
black circle on the middle witha hole in it…

Filip Hansson says:

I dont have these two prons

keshiafasho says:


Tampatec says:

many but not all laptops

James Parsons says:

was this a sony vaio VGN-CS215J?

Kinqmar says:

Tampatec i dont have those prongs, at least i dont think soo

Tampatec says:

unplug powercord and battery then use tweezers to align charge pong
connections, check powercord too. 8^)

Tampatec says:

take out battery and see if you can use tweezers to adjust the prongs pins
in place for better connection also use electronic spray at radio shack
might help. good luck, as a backup use google docs to the cloud to save so
that case you can access docs on any device using your user name/passwword.
Sub if this helps 8^)

sinaty says:

dude your amazing… 3 chargers in a little over a year have been tossed
aside by this laptop refusing to charge and it was fixed in about 2 minutes
with a small flat head screwdriver and your awesome advice

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