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How to permanently fix iPhone 4 Lock Power Button when stuck, Easy fix!

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This how to video tutorial will teach you how to permanently fix the lock/power button on your iPhone 4 when it gets stuck (happens to many iPhone 4 users). This is a simple, clear cut fix which takes up to 5 minutes tops. This is recommended for people who do not have warranty on their phones anymore, and do not want to pay extra for a simple problem like such. How to video tutorial seen on http://www.iGuru.co


ZehcnasX0 says:

I spent fucking hours on this, watched every video, tried every procedure,
tried every fucking kind of paper thin shit to squeeze it through, looked
all over the internet in shitty forums for Apple and other bullshit.
NOTHING FUCKING WORKED. I ended up just smashing the fuck out of this
stupid phone.

AshleyN1993 says:

wat about if the home button doesnt like to work?

Morgan Glassco says:

Was your button functioning by going up and down, and just not doing
anything to the system?

Ours is physically stuck down, think we have a different problem

Jemaine Clement says:

My lock button is weird, if I just tap it, I unlocks and locks without
actually pushing the button. Anybody know what’s up?

The Best Around says:

You could’ve said it was a pentalope screwdriver:)

Joseph G says:

this video is complete fucking bullshit and does not work. at all. i tried
putting in a piece of paper without even folding it and it was stiff too
thick to fit.

Kevin Gumina says:

where the heck can u get that screw driver without ordering it online?
radio shack doesnt have it in the stores.. :(

Matt Koulermos says:

this took me less than three minutes to do and now my phone works
perfectly. THANK YOU a million times over! : )

Chris Del Rey says:

Did not even come close to working. Don’t waist your time. This does not

Keith Hopkin says:

Just got some serious points for being able to turn my wife’s phone back on
to pull off her photos. Thanks!!

MikeFrozt says:

i used the outer plastic trim in which trident gum is kept. yup, cut it up
folded once and boom wedged right in better than paper =]

SotoNBG says:

Yea about that i cut that rubber thing

Paul Craig says:

How to permanently fix iPhone 4 Lock Power Button……….
“now I don’t know how long its going to last” lol

justine chen says:

Thank you for the video. I fixed mine in five minutes!

Max P says:

Хреновый чехольчик у пацика…

WastedFreakOut says:

i fukin love u dude!!!

sabi spot says:

so you didnt replace the flex cable? you just put a piece of paper??

theycallmejamesy says:

I just did this. I found it took a bit of work to get the thickness of the
paper right so that it was thick enough to do it’s job but wasn’t so thick
as to get stuck going in.

Awesome fix, cheers!

Mike A says:

This worked perfect! I will note that I did have to remove one corner screw
from the power button bracket (requires disassembly) before I could slide
the paper down. I used a business card cut to size. After reassembly I am
now able to use my power button again. Thanks for the help! 

HoosierMF says:

iphones are gay. Serves you right for wasting your money on overpriced

Nicholas Franco says:

We tried it and it worked. Had to use a thinner piece of paper and set it
higher, just below the metal part on top. We didn’t put it where he did.
Try this if it didnt work for you. Im glad I didnt give up because eff
giving Apple anymore money. 

shang lin chen says:

It works! Instead of paper, I used a piece of plastic, easier to insert and
will probably last longer. By the way, I used a tiny nail to take out the
Thank youVilius V! 

hadron89 says:

I am going to try this. If the space between there is big enough I will
just cut of a little piece of a really thin guitar pick. If it works then,
and the mechanical switch stays in place, that would be a true permanent

Baker Qutishat says:

Thank you a million! I just needed to slide a piece of paper in there
without keeping it in.. and thats it! even the click is back! It seems that
it was caused by some sort of dirt. Thanks again!!

Maria Douglas-Wilson says:

Totally worked!

Saifise Yacino says:

Merci infiniment

Brian Ramos says:

how long did it last?

Andy Dix says:

Thank You soooo Much! That worked Perfectly!

Alexander The Barbarian says:

318.586 people have/had a broken iPhone 4 sleep button :D

Vince Peterson says:

Does it still work? Same piece of paper?

Amanda Miller says:

u ll have to take off motherboard in a order to fix power button

Mariano Olivera says:

It worked!! Thank you so much!

Brody Roberts says:

You my man! If you’re ever around alabama hit me up i’ll buy you a pizza
and we’ll go for some drinks dirty dan! 

vincentsro says:

What a load of wank …

Afandi Rahmat says:

Can somebody tell me the measuremets for the piece of paper pls???

Jason Riddle says:

Bro you skip the entire process of implementing the little peace of awesome
paper in the phone. Is this fake????

Heavy Electronix says:

It’s supposed to break..Fucking Apple..

Amuntae Hatcher says:

Does it still work with the paper in it now ?

Mark Torres says:

Thabks a lot man real helpful!!

Jonny Winston says:

Quite ironic how it’s the paper (which comes from a tree) that aids us in
repairing this advanced piece of technology………

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