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How to open and fix an Azus laptop – no power

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This laptop would not turn on. Often total electronic failures like a completely dead unit are easier to fix than if the computer only partially worked. The problem with this laptop was the broken connection behind the plug jack. It must have been yanked. To fix it I had to take it totally apart. It took just under 2 hours for me to complete it but I had no video guide to follow and I had never seen it done. So you should be able to do it much faster. If your laptop has no signs of power be sure that it is not just your AC adapter that is bad. I have a video on fixing that too. You should get a multimeter if you are going to work on electronics. Even walmart sells them for under $10. If you have questions just ask! Good luck!


BellaBehindAKidBehindACamera says:

Asus lap tops are really poorly designed

yourmitcho says:

does it matter what size of the soldering iron is ?

steven license says:

I have the same problem as in ur video when I soldering it back to the power do I have to make sure that I don't get to much all over it

Johnny CincoCero says:

How do I find my laptop model number? My laptop won't turn on.

akg6000 says:

Thanks for this video. I have probably same problem like in this video. Dissasembled it right now. But I have just a tiny tiny split. Need to push the charger cable with my finger
against laptop to have power. If I just forget it , all of a sudden it shuts off. Especially when gaming.

Gabriel Frank says:

Thank you so much very clear and easy to follow

Tommie Lackey says:

Is there a specific type of tape that needs to be used for the ribbon cable that is connected to the motherboard?

David Wherrell says:

A great help! Saved me an expensive repair. Thanks.

Z- MAN says:

have a ASUS k55a laptop, Problem: it just went off all when it was sitting, LCD are off, press on bottom and no light at all, could I have load it, I use the USB port to charge phone and camera, need help?

Kill me please says:

My laptop is a Toshiba the lights on the bottom turn on however no sound is made from fans as well as a black screen when I plug in the charger the bottom light shows up to say it's charging but when I pull the charger out the charging light stays please help

AvalonMorley says:

This is a good video, though I don't think I can come close to doing this with my ASUS. It pisses me off that they apparently design and manufacture these to have problems with the power port. Mine is only a couple of years old, has been gently used (no accidents, or anything to cause problems), but it will only intermittently acknowledge that it's plugged in, and won't charge the battery much of the time. This all started about a month ago, and I discovered that it's a widespread problem with ASUS computers in general. It's really annoying.

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