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How to make your pc/laptop run faster (3 simple steps)

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Lupuantoniuqwe T says:

I cleared up 4 GB thx so much

Awesome Takalaka says:

I am a kid and I did it I was scared

RobloxMasterKing Hall says:


Nutty 16 says:

my laptop so slow its taking like 15 minutes now fro the disk cleanup to load

LuDno says:

My laptop was really laggy. I watched a video and deleted my system 32. That gave me an fps boost of about 15 when I play club penguin. You should try it.

Armir Berbatovci says:

Install windows 7 black edition themes https://youtu.be/Y548vPTxRsc

King Armaan says:

Download CleanMyPC(I just did the trial version, which clears 500MB and my PC was alot faster. The program is completely safe

FrostyGaming YT says:

the better ways to make your pc/laptop fast… no way to make your pc/laptop fast if that is poor.buy the most expensive pc or laptop in the world

EnergY ArmY says:

i love u bro …. ty <3

Sumit Sonawale says:

Thanks bro….

Fahad Khan says:

i known this before only


Where do u even click to delete it

FoxGlide AJ says:

Wooohooo tysm it worked

jaane gonzales says:

Is that only a junk files?

Grim Pain says:

😭😭😭Thank You so so so much it actually worked you are the best

Golden Gamer says:

It works but my disk cleanup says 16 hour remaining so kind of a let down

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