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How to: iPhone 5 Screen Repair Video – Easy Screen Version

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http://PhoneDoctors.com presents the iPhone 5 Screen Repair Video (Easy Screen Version.) This is for all of the DIY enthusiasts who want to fix their iPhone 5 in the comfort of their own home. For all of your parts and tools, please visit us at http://PhoneDoctors.com

DIY Kit for iPhone 5 LCD Screen Replacement

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Superflyy EDDIE says:

It's Easy I did three 📱 iPhone 5s and Now iam Doin a iPhone 5 …. it's not hard … you just have to take your time… thanks for the Video… …

LOLME 6 Gaming Videos says:

Lool thanks

Damien Baskerville says:

Do you need adhesive?

Tech Pro says:

Do You Still Sell The Replacement Kit?

Syafiq Razali says:

thank you for the tutorial.

naiel moore says:

can you fix my phone plz😑🤓

Emre Özdoğan says:


Junaid Lala says:

hi sir i want to repair iphone 5c power ic so can you help mee

cheryl wanny says:

Are all of your products original?

HPringer says:

Replacing my screen. Everything is connected and I can see the screen perfectly when it turns on, home button works but the touchscreen doesn't respond at all. Any fixes?

yash jain says:

my touch is completely not working and i have line on the bottom of the screen which is always fluctuating by showing some part of topmost screen…..what all parts should i buy to eradicate my iphone 5S problems?….. PLEASE HELP

Kewmen Gaming says:

will the iPhone work without those 4 screws


Changed my screen but it has been down forva few months before i fixed it. However its not coming on but i going to leave it over night and see. ….

boo too says:

god, i have no patience for this shit !

Na Na says:

What happens if i have a white screen? The screen that clear but not back 😕🤔

Na Na says:

Where we can by thr screen?

noor aldeen says:

you used the wrong tolls

Safwat Zouheiry says:

thanks this was helpful

Laurie Zook says:

so can you do this with a iPhone 5

joe p says:

you need three hands!

Pandya Lunkand says:

Did you break your phone to make the video

yolo girl says:

phon docter my phon fall in the tolat

Phobicalia says:

What happened to the iphone 5 screens for sale on your website? It keeps saying "404 Maybe Your Lost"

Skyler Ann says:


sue petrof says:

a tiny drop of honey on screwdriver tip holds screw in lpace

IgnatzBratzbatz says:

I would add all screws and then tighten up, the plate would be better fit. Regardless good guide, thanks.

Sabrina Hunt says:

+PHONEDOCTORS I bought the kit followed the whole video and my phone screen doesn't turn on what a waste of money

söe says:

Siri can't help us right now lmao

Lan Kosmač says:

you are iphone killer lol 😀

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