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How to : Individual Laptop Keyboard Keys Fix Repair Installation Guide HP Compaq Pavilion HD

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This is a tutorial on how to Uninstall – Install a laptop keyboard key.
This keyboard is from an HP Compaq 620 625. How to replace keys, keyboard repair.

How to fix or repair your keyboard key cap easy. This is a video guide tutorial that shows how you can easily fix a notebook or laptop keyboard key if it has been removed or misplaced from the keyboard. It will also help you install or put the keyboard key back on the keyboard, if you need to remove the key caps in order to clean the keyboard or try to fix a nonworking key.

How to Reassemble the Spacebar key cap or any other keyboard key that has supporting metal bars video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1GgbKRxvLk

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Tech Profis says:

Hi to all! Because I've been frequently asked, I have also Tutorials with voice narration and other types of keyboards in my channel! 🙂

Jack Sufian says:

cant did the last step

Stay True says:

thank u dear i fix it

some_ _papers says:

does this actually fix your keyboard when it doesn't respond to keys?
cause my key is busted and I don't know if works?

ankushdht says:

what the fk is that… we want to know that how to clean the keys

Chanelle Pang says:


Brynntube2202 says:

did not help for me!

Vicky Su says:

this waas not helpful at all complsainbytfdrsrdtf

Yato Gami says:

its so hard to remove the key

ulys art says:

1000 thanks

ulys art says:

1000 thanks

Steve Heinlein says:

Hey, GREAT VIDEO! Thanks so much for posting it! I was able to re-attach my "L" key (which had fallen out) in just a few minutes and saved myself a lot of aggravation and $$$ (avoided buying a whole new keyboard)! THANK YOU!

chetan nath says:

wow man.. love u… my O letter on keyboard had problem and I took out the key, I didn't know what to do next, I tried fixing it but could not help. then I saw this video and did it in seconds… if u were not here, I was planning to buy another laptop… hats off to u man.

jenbee says:

omg i just fixed my "o" key thank u soooooo much!!!!!

This doge comments are sick , subscribe me or die says:

my fucking keybaord keeps spamming letters in game Fuck this shit how to fix help pls ill thank you alot if u did

HelloTurkey says:

I…think I broke my O key. I ripped it off to get at something under it, and it won't go back on even though I tried to use these instructions.

Kaito kun says:

I fucked one of my key lost it

Hoa Khoa Hoàng says:

My keyboard was broken before watch this video 🙂

mominul huq says:


HardRock73 says:

thanks broooo :,D

christian müller says:

thx so mutch

Barrie Wright says:

I will have to do this, myself soon, I have just warn out the key with heavy game play, GAME ON :).

kxlbrng says:

do he have a key board fix 4 a lenovo computer

Dark Minimize says:

i have to do 4 letter… W E S D

Yuuki -San says:


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