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How to fix/repair Iphone 6 backlight

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Iphone 6 back light repair is very common issue with the iphone 6 now a days If you can not solve it let us for you.
Here We will be demonstrating on How to fix/Repair Iphone 6 no backlight.
for this repair your standard tools.
2.Probe Tool.
3.kapton tape.
4.solder flux.
5.soldering iron.
6.heat gun.
Please hit like and share if you like the video and comment if you can help us improve or our videography skills. if you like to bring in or post for trackable repair please visit. http://www.m6mobile.co.uk


Dead_Nation 95 says:

got a iphone 6 plus that problems was displaying ect but now doesnt turn on at all but boots into dfu mode but i dont want that there was jumps to soilnoid ect to the touch ect but it broke soldered it back still nothing

Marco Martino says:

I have an iPhone 6 that does not display anything on the dispay. I replaced D1501, l1503, u1502 but the display does not turn on. The phone is recognized by itunes .What advice?

lolzer juvanile says:

Is this the flash light because my flash light isn't working

Bashier says:

Hi man
Is it the same for iPhone 6 Plus?
And can you give me the name of the capacitor?

Marco Martino says:

Hello. information if possible?
I have an iPhone 6, which is recognized by iTunes, but the display remains blank.
reflected heat on the connector area and the A8 processor.
fl2024 measured provides continuity with beep

Shani Ajaydevgan says:

carry on boss

Shani Ajaydevgan says:

nice post

adam idan says:

can i use a iphone 5 or 5s fuse and diode for replacement ?

liam otoole says:

here's my story. i go to turn my flash on and it doesn't turn on. i tried restarting my phone, and nothing happened. whenever i press the flags button it doesn't turn on. any suggestions

Ian Stromski (ISmusic) says:

how can i get this fixed? i dont have a soldering iron. what parts do i need?

Josh Samuel says:

i want to send mine to you. it's a 6s and i ordered a 6lcd instead so when trying to replace it the connection started smoking. i had turned off the phone but heard for 6s need to unplug the battery. now it powers on but there is no display on new 6s screen and old screen. Do you think you know what the problem is?

Nicolás Muiño says:

How about a uniformity backlight issue? i see a veeery dim gray shadowed line horizontally. Its hardly noticeable but sucks! Can you fix that?

Hugo Bortoluzi says:

ello!! my iphone 6 was replaced lcd , after that the backlight did not work , with the screen out of the machine can see in the dark , but the screen on the device not see anything . This may be the video problem or the problem of larger screw , how much it costs to fix each type of problem? I'm in Brazil and send by mail .

skullznsnakes says:

so how much would it cost to repair the backlight?

jake cole says:

can I ship to you?

Swiifterr says:

Hey, I was looking around on the internet. I saw an article that said if there is a short on the motherboard that it will short out the backlight again(iPhone 4), is this different on the iPhone 6s?

Gardenia Garibo-Garcia says:

So I tried to fix my own screen (bad idea) and left my phone on while repairing. I noticed the upper right corner was brighter along the edges immediately. Now two weeks later my screen is very dim, it's still readable btw. Any idea what type of damage I have?

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