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How to Fix your Laptop

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Repairing a laptop may sound like a brain surgery, but in fact it is more like a nose job if you are careful. With some experience, you can fix wires, connectors or cooling fan easily, or not. It could be worth a shot!

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar


old foxy says:

yeah but if it spins you can hirt the speed controller for the fan so yeah

leetsoup says:

Youi're bloody hilarious

pierre ashe says:

first time i see him not blow something up

NoobDick says:

this guy has to be better than Kevin Hart

sharpshoter _ says:

terrible idea that vacuum will build up static pressure and could kill that laptop

Rotax 122 says:

You are the man

Devin Caicedo says:

Can you tell me why you get shocked all the time

Sergio Giangrande says:

I lost it when you said "usually there are some remaining screws to vacuum" as someone who also fixes laptops/pcs it is so trueee! 😉

WillFPV says:


SilveRRecord says:

I have never seen the most entertaining person than you on this planet. You are a damn genius. Hats off for all this funny and awesome content.

geoffrey gunawan says:

this is a violence to the universal declaration of laptop rights
this is cruelty to laptop

🙁 Windows has crash : memory management

just kidding, you should get it actually fixed professionally just to make sure

Atticus Finch says:

Usually you can access the fan without dismantling the entire unit.

All out Savage says:

he will not ever know what he is doing

Luca Allan says:

Here's the cooling system, responsible for… cooling the system.

OPGuyK says:

Or just underclock it into an amd.

Carlos Leon says:

Those poor wires

3ndG4m3r_77 says:


Mikhail Gorbachev says:


Anthony Cordero says:

Me: heh heh heh heh… succ

Tenebris says:

Static Discharge is a thing.

The Diamond Potatoes says:

1:23 i have a asus republic of gamers g750jx that has multiple fans so its not gona work

Ryu Ranzou says:

I can relate to the extra screws with laptop repair. Those ribbons are really annoying to deal with too especially if you lose the little pins holding them in place.

Jackson likes it hot says:

Pretty much describes my experiences xD keep up the funny videos

Goku SSJWHITE says:

when I Play Roblox It Just Lag's Bad

Amr Habib says:

@2:8 i died ???

Matt Kremer says:

Your laptop is as ugly as that huge crossdresser man who just moved out of the White House!

Braeden Randell says:

You know what's funny I had the same laptop and the fan was broken too and I got another broke a fin off it and then broke the opposite one to find out it was the wrong one so i broke more and by the end I glued an old cpu fan on it.. It was a hp g62

bad boys says:

please resopond or i will get read of you?? secondhand serenade

Bosiohal says:

I really love you! If you need some from Italy, call me! 😉

Zak M-O says:

Those extra screws get you everytime. The vacuum cleaner is a great solution.
I used to be a "qualified" Apple Repair Technician.

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