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How to Fix Your iPhone’s Cracked Screen

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Patrick Norton of Tekzilla stops by AppJudgment to repair Annie’s seriously broken iPhone 4 screen, with a little help from our friends at iFixIt.

Watch more Tekzilla here:


ralphus44 says:

Okay, admit it. You watched the video because of the pretty blonde girl,

ammaretto says:

theres no way in hell i would be able to do that repair….why doesnt apple
offer insurance for just this kind of damage? glad i dont have an

Wiggly HD says:

I watched this cuz i cracked the inside of my phone and it dont work 

Layla Louis says:

Wow… Ipads are easier to take apart and reconstruct than that..

Lil Noobster says:

The woman acts as if she is proud her screen is cracked. Dafuq is wrong
with these people

fatcreeperco says:

I got up iPhone i turned of AT&T so i have to connect to wifi at my house

Auralia robinson says:

I had a small little crack but then today I was playing around and my
iPhone slipped out my pocket and shattered and it’s kinda hard for me to
type I had glass stuck in my finger 5 times today.. My phone is shattered
not the whole entire phone but the majority of it.

Frazzled Curly says:

I can only do things in 12 steps…

Will Johnson says:

Iphones are so easy to crack, they’re overpriced too. I had an Iphone and I
hated it, I don’t see why they’re so popular. Why spend $500 on an Iphone
when you could get a Nokia Lumia 521 Windows phone (with a case and
everything for under $200) Plus they come out with a new version quicker
than shit so before you know it the Iphone you have now is outdated

Nikki Gale says:


Margo Lijadu says:

who has the time and patience to do all those dam steps hell I will tear up
the phone doing all that I am too impatience for all that. Guess I will
take it to apple to replace.

TheTTParty says:

do you expect us to dig into our phone like that?

Hero says:

I don’t mind the cracks honestly, my friend has the worst cracks on his

beautyislife24 says:


Sadie Burns says:

Hi guys watch my film trailer if want to see a film

Franklyn F says:

If you really have no idea what you are doing, as she clearly does not, and
you don’t have a friend who “knows how to do it” with a semblance of
feeling optimistic it will all go well … then it goes something like
this: “Step One: Take it to authorized dealership and get it repaired.
Not really that hard; is it? :)

Roman DeJoseph says:

WTF real I was so bored

Calbenmike says:

It’s videos like this that make me detest Apple.

Nikunj Majithia says:

Y r u guys complaining this is easy smh 

engel torres says:

Hey I’m new to fixing phones could you give me a list of tools and machines
I would need to have a successful repair

TaraTeen says:

fuk that shit!! 

Jenna Papes says:

My friend has cracks all over her screen front and back and the thing still
works. It’s worse than this. I hope she doesn’t cut her hand… 

Alexander Young says:

Mines only gonna take like 10$ to fix

Murray Hill says:

hope she takes it off and it cuts her hand open and she dies of blood loss

hihipieinthesky says:

Uhh…. I think I rather barely see out of my smashed to shit iPhone than
do 34 Friking steps 

Trek Nut says:

Well I’m 12 and I’m from the Philippines and my uncle from America bought
an iPhone and gave it to my mom when I was 10 then it was passed on to me
and 2 years later ( I’m twelve now) it fell and got cracks all over! I dont
know? What to do! Please I need help my mother said before never to break
this phone (thou it still works) because it would be shameful and my dads
gonna punish me! Please I need help!!

Jordan Reid says:

Why the fuck would you make someone do all that dhot to disassemble there
IPhone then not even show them how to put it back together?! 

Keyblock says:

That’s a lot of Philip screws

Katrina Schmidt says:

This is really an advertisement for to get an ifixit person to repair your
cracked screens. They just fixed my iPad and did a great job!

Key Moore says:

This is too much


Great just fucking great I broke my phone because some dumbasses didn’t

Garry Williams says:

A lot of trouble isnt it, must be easier to call out Windscreens direct and
get them to fill the cracks ……….

GtaManiac says:

Can you give me the lunch for the back peace of the iPhone plz

Kyliecupquake says:


Joseph Walker says:

I will not try that 

Evie Waters says:

Can you peel of the screen may I ask

Angie Threatt says:

cool, thanks. looks like a ton of work. I think 50 dollar for somebody else
to fix it may be best. that is a ton of steps and I do have pets.

Fellycia Alvira says:

My iphone was cracked and yea the screen still on, i dont know why. My
mother actualy almost mad because i want to sell my phone But my mother say
“you can keep your phone and thursday we buy the 5s one” it’s like the
lucky for me ._.

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