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How to fix “Your computer is low on memory” error (gpedit.msc)

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Displayed error messages:
Close programs to prevent information loss. Your computer is low on memory. Save your files and close these programs:

– Make sure the Swap file is large enough (or set it to System Managed)
– only than try to disable the error messages from (gpedit.msc)

Run gpedit.msc
go to:
– computer configuration
– administrative templates
– system
– troubleshooting and diagnostics
– windows resource exhaustion detection
– double-click “configure scenario execution level”
– check DISABLED, click OK


Kendell GamingHD says:

Thank you so so so so so so so so so o so so much.I can’t express how
grateful I am to you bro.
Because of you I can continue my gaming youtube career,because before I
could not have because the message would always pop up and shut down the
game. So thank you so much man
Check out my channel if you want also,and once again,thanks

by CDMC says:

fucking bullshit! i don’t want to enable the fucking pagefile shit! i have
32GB of fucking ram and i get the fucking message that im running out of
memory and i need to close programs when i still have 6+GB of ram left!
fuck you microsoft! how the fuck 6GB of ram is “LOW Memory”??…. this
video is correct and it will work, but how the fuck do i disable that
fucking error without turning on the pagefile?…

Kratos510e says:

This keeps popping up when i’m playing Planetside 2 it’s really annoying I
thought 8GB of ram would be enough. 

Laz X says:

Very helpful. Thank you.

PAT123717 says:

My gateway laptop had this problem after a certain amount of usage, just
all of a sudden it starting reporting high memory usage and to close apps.
Eventually it started rebooting the laptop.

Laptop has 4GB of RAM. I set the paging file to it’s max, but it did not
fix anything. After booting up, I went into Task Manager and found (1)
app (Task Mgr itself), @ 30 background processes and 20some Windows
processes; all of which added up to @ 205MB, or .205 GB which is @ 5% of
RAM. However, Task Mgr reported @ 90% of memory (RAM) being used??????

Something was causing Windows to think the vast majority of RAM was being
used, such that any app., especially with high graphics content, would make
Windows report “low on memory and close these programs” (all apps I was
running). What was making Windows think 90% of RAM was being used when no
apps were running, I have no idea.

Eventually the laptop did it’s own recovery operation (without any
prompting from me), and this cleared the problem up. The Task Mngr reports
only 15/20% of RAM memory being used when no apps are in progress. That’s
more like it. I wonder if something gets set in Windows software to cause
this low on memory problem, maybe by an app itself. Later if Windows is
reinstalled or recovers itself this “something” is “reset”, and allows
Windows to work as it did originally

Flagel Skillet says:

the troubleshoot and diagnosis folder is missing, pls help!

Cristhian Urena says:

+furulevi When I click change on the performance option, the same windows
pop up but I don’t see any of those option the only one I see is with the
“Automatically manage… ” checked is the [windows] System Managed… What
do I do?

Happy tylermovieproducction says:

i have 16gb of ram! idon’t what happen it a bug?

Blazedit GetWrecked says:

thx man +1 like to ur vid

Pham Manh Dung says:


DarkMonster60 says:

i have windows xp where is configure scenario execution level!!! help me
please :((

Mark Le says:

I dont have gpedit.Msci i have windows 8.1 OEM system builder help??

Jackson Tallman says:


P-D Chuks says:

Brilliant video, but why are you so excited ?

TrancoTechnizer says:

I can confirm this fixed this windows 8.1 stupidness for me..on windows 8.0
I didnt have this problem. And im stuck with this shit windows 8 which was
preinstalled on the laptop

So thank you for your help

Alyssa Hertig says:

I luv you.

Mercer Hughes says:

I cannot find gpedit.msc!
Any ideas?
I am on Windows 7
This is the message:
Windows cannot find “gpedit.msc”. Make sure it is spelt correctly.

dfjyo says:

even after I did everything it still persists..

Bananator says:

ur pro (y)

john christopher says:

thanks a lot bro…….at works…

SeanStanziani says:

You’re the F’n man! thanks a lot brotha!

Olivia Thiessen says:

Mine already says ‘system managed but since it says its using 3.8 out of 4
RAM then it must be doing something I just don’t understand how using word,
itunes and google can be so draining… Thanks by the way

jewish bunnyrabbits says:

when you use gpedit, doesn’t that just disable the messages but there may
still be a problem?

crazmonkey1192 says:

Danke Schön. Thank you.

NubzoR lul says:

Thank you ! helped out !

Patrick Goh says:

my c and d drives were originally on “no paging file” and i was getting
this error message. by changing it to “system managed size”, will it affect
the my computer? can someone explain please

falloutawesome9 says:

Windows cannot find gpedid.msc

You Got Stitched says:

hey nice video. i followed all the steps you showed (i even downloaded
gpedit.msc cause win 8 home edition doesnt have it) but i cant find the
“troubleshooting and diagnostics” section on the system folder like you
show in the video. what should i do?

rufas1 says:

Gpedit doesn’t exist on my pc. Prabobly since I have Windows 8.. is there
any other way to get to those files?

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