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How to fix your computer harddrive in under 5 min.

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How to fix your computer harddrive in under 5 min.


WizardNumberNext says:

have you forcibly move head LYING on platter?
You should not spread your very stupid ideas on internet, as you may cause people to loose data, which was not lost before
Yeah great idea instead of getting HDD fixed by expert and spending maybe £100 on this, now people would spend £30 per each GB
yeah great idea!

WizardNumberNext says:

here you go – you have dust on platter, so you have at best few days of HDD life left – congratulations – you just killed your HardDiskDrive, which otherwise would be perfectly salvageable, if done by REAL experts

WizardNumberNext says:

you have forgotten very important word in video title
it should read
Hot to TEMPORARILY fix your computer harddrive in under 5 min.
or actually
How to fix your harddrive in under 5 min in order to recover data and throw away your trashed HDD

SP4C3™ OS says:

Category: Comedy
And many IT illiterate ppl said thx. I'm sure it will kill that HDD.

Sanjay Sharma says:

Will it work for multi plater harddisk?
Will touching the platter damage data in it?

omar faruque says:

i don't think so, a hdd is air sealed & made in a dust proof factory, how can it be repaired in a normal room, i don't think it will work

Brian Willess says:

When you say at 4:00 get your data off of it, do you mean to recover data and put on a new drive, or to keep ustilizing this drive?
Is this drive fixed, or fixed enought to retrieve data and transfer?

Roy Yao says:

This is how to destroy your hard drive in 5 minutes.

Richard Rodriguez says:

Whats the tool you use to test it called

Simon Thomas says:

Well what can I say it is no way repaired as soon as you break the seal on the lid outside of a clean room that drive is trashed as dust has now contaminated the drive heads and plater being the heads run with a tolerance of microns and plater spin at between 5000 and 10000 rpm that dust is going scratch the media and heads. So the chances of you error free data of the drive is slim to none. Your are better of having a external drive that is equal or bigger than the drive data is on and do regular backups or pay the money to have the drive professionally recovered.

Patrick Madigan says:

The drives are sealed for a reason. It is under dust-free environment conditions that drives are assembled. Dust can ruin a drive. What you did may not work for long.

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