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How to fix your CD/DVD drive (if your computer doesn’t detect it)

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Hello YouTube today im going to show you on how to fix your CD/DVD drive in Windows 7.

I experieced this problem right after I took my custom computer apart and out it back together. I checked it everything was properly connected and it was. But the drive icon never showed up on the computer.

1. Click start and in the searchbar, search for “regedit”
3. Go to “SYSTEM”
4. Go to “CurrentControlSet”
5. Go to “Control”
6. Go to “Class”
7. Go to “{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}”
8. And you want to make sure that you delete only your “LowerFilters” and “UpperFilters”
9. Restart your computer and it should detec the CD/DVD drive

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James Irvine says:

Many thanks… worked first time

brettg2309 says:

Fixed in 5 minutes, thanks @pspslimhacks

roxanne lumbre says:

it works! thank you!

Ayush Behera says:

excuse me that in My Computer of my computer  there is no DVD RW drive. But instead of that floppy  disk drive has occurred . When I proceeded according to your above suggestions I found no upper or lower filters. So what I will do? Please reply fast , its very urgent

DesDeMona says:

Didn't work I don't have the 2 files

Andreas Damhaug says:

this did my computer unbootable, lucky i had something to restore

MsBall BloodDrinksGirl says:

What if the upper and lower was already missing then what?

sann pokharel says:

thank you sir it worked.

Gary Pitt says:

Thanks u so much it work, good job,u guys need to take your time and look carefully.

Ryohei Okuyama says:

Please speak a little bit louder for us so that we can hear you better.

Milton hebbert says:

Thank you very much for sharing.

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