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How to fix yellowed plastics on old computers!

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I’ve been reading about the success people have been having with retr0bright so I thought I’d give it a try. Watch for the results!


Liam Reddington says:

I'm curious if there would be any effect if coated with the cream for 12 hours, but without the UV light? Also, the same again but without the cream.

seacrab says:

Another turtle rapist videooo

Arcade Addict [Logface202] says:

advises against using the 3% and sunlight
uses both to treat keys in later videos

Pablo Rial Diaz says:

Can somebody help me?

Ive got an iPhone case that I really like. It was transparant but now it’s more of a yellowish-disgusting brown.

I had some saloon cream and put a layer of it on the case, and then wrapped it in plastic.

It’s winter time and the sun isn’t very powerful. I can still manage to put the case 5-6 hours a day in direct sun light.

With all that info, how much time will I before my case turns transparant again?


Alton Hill says:

Very informative, great video! I just got a old (new for me) C128 and I will be using this technique soon to restore it. Thanks for the video!!!!

Michael Andrean says:

Can someone answer my question

I just bought the hydrogen peroxide solution in chemical mart
And it’s written “50%” hydrogen peroxide concentrate

Do u guys think it’s okey to use this solution directly?
Or i should add some water, for example. I pour 10 ml or the solution, and add also 30 ml of water, so it becomes 25% hydrogen peroxide concentrate.

Already bought the UV light also 😀

Kigiru Drewko says:

Is its bad that i actualy kinda enjoy that beige colour of old computers and othe electronics? I know that too much of it looks awful, but slight beige discoloration adds its own retro charm.

Elia1995 says:

I live in Italy, anyone knows what kind of product here can have up to 12% hydrogen peroxide ?
I read that our "oxygenated water" (acqua ossigenata in Italian) contains hydrogen peroxide, but I'm not sure how much and if it's effective for this procedure.

Jack Walker says:

I got a 22 year old apple computer on the internet. I had to use netscape navigator

Tim Walden says:

8 bits of awesome, as per usual.

Rashad Nosseir12 says:

Does this work with yellowed transparent phone cases

Killer Keemstar says:

I'm going to have to do this on my Apple Pro Keyboard that I got at my local thrift store for $4. The keyboard is from 2002, and half of it is yellowed.

sludgefactory241 says:

So just sunlight n creamy hydro cream? Thats it? Gonna have to figure out how to not cream my underpants now.

Travis Gibby says:

I wonder if this works for yellowed headlights.

NovaS1101 says:

Nowadays your channel is based off this video.

Daz555Daz says:

Do you even need sunlight for this? I wonder if this works with some heat alone – just to accelerate the reactions.

xweiliable says:

what UV light did you use? how powerful should it be?

astrangeone says:

Currently doing this for a pair of old swim goggles I've inherited from my swimmer aunt. They look gross, but I've done the 3% dollar store peroxide route and a bit of off brand oxy clean. It immediately started bubbling and reacting to the chemicals and after 45 minutes, the transparent grey is back. There are some parts that still don't look good (the plastic around the lenses), but that just requires another dunk into the bath, after changing the ingredients.

Total cost = $2 for the restoration, and now I have a decent looking pair of swim googles.

Haiku Automation says:

FYI, Salon Care 40 Volume is about 11.5-12.0% H2O2. It is NOT Primarily H2O2. MSDS is available online.

niacal4nia says:

Great hack! Can this work on yellow headlamps? My Porsche 996 plastic headlamps are getting yellow and since the lights kinda face upward, I was thinking this cream and outdoor sunshine could fix it.

lanceuppercut88 says:

The original SNES is notorious for this yellowing

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

Apple 2e ,Many hours of program writing on one of those. I learned so much about computers on one of those. I worked as a custodian at the time. On my breaks,I tought myself computer language and programming. All the manuals were there free to use. I also had acess to the internet,so I could get any info I needed. I wish I had all that old stuff yet. It got thrown out the following year after I moved on and they tore down that building.

duscha55 says:

Does every volume 40 product have 12% hydrogen peroxide?

razordogz says:

Would this work on fruit machine reels ?

greenLeaf gecko says:

I need to do this to my Japanese super famicom

AtomicCookieGaming says:


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