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How To Fix Windows Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically

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How To Fix Windows Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically


1:00 Command Prompt
1:17 bootrec /fixmbr
1:30 bootrec /fixboot
1:50 Possibly change SATA mode in BIOS Setup
4:18 chkdsk
5:23 – Possibly backup personal files using notepad.exe
6:47 – If 0 bad sectors then restart PC
7:00 – sfc (System File Checker)
7:56 – If “system repair pending”


TheZiad . says:

I did all of the steps but it said that there are no integrity, so i retyped it and it said that it found corrupted files and successfully repaired it. I was happy for a sec but it didn't work when i restarted by laptop. What do i do?

Germany is Kawaii says:

Can smn help me on skype

sara petrovic says:

2:31 I not have

Lionel Oquendo says:

Thank you so much my computer is working now God bless.

AnimalsReact says:

What if the sfc check says corrupt filed found ,but can't fix?

Vidath Induwara says:

Damn man <3 love you. You just save my day. God bless you! you sir are a genius. Thank you

Laurie Siegmund says:

This fixed my problem!!! Thank you!

Becky Garrigan says:

Can't open windows or type anything. Screen shows our icons, nothing in task bar, then screen starts to flicker blue w/our icons to black, over and over. I can only look at a flickering screen. Dell wants $200 to fix. Computer is only 2yrs old. Help!!!

A M says:

I got this messege after running the sfc command for 1st time :
Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.

Now what should I do Sir ???

Bình Nguyễn Đức says:

Jeff Baker It didnt work with my computer. The first step has shown the 2 successfully lines then i closed the command promt then clicked restart. But then the computer kept asking wether start window normally or to do the repair stuff. If i choose start normally, it will keep asking again and again. If i choose repair stuff then i have to do the same thing that u teach me in the video and then it's a loop right now. Can u plz reply this comment, i really need ur help, thank u so much

integridad7 says:

My problem is infinite Loop .. . I have windows 7. I think I might have erased some drivers or other critical information on the computer

Ted Nugent Nugent says:

At start mine says unknown

Omer Gesoma says:

Very Useful Many Thanks

Artistic - Rain says:

Hello in my computer I don't get the command prompt all I get is startup repair what do I do plz respond!!?

Valentin Sanchez says:

Did everything you told me to do but I came across this on cmd… "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them" instead of (found corrupt files and successfully repaired them.) 😕 pls HELP!

Cosmogie says:

Do you have a email I can contact you by? Idk WHATS going on with mine, The first step worked but my computer still didnt boot up.

NX Stuff says:

i not my pictures

Zayah says:

I did everything but for the sfc, it says "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations." But when I restart it still doesn't work please help me.

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