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How to fix Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer…

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For Windows 10: force your PC to restart 3 times, so automatic repair will kick in, then allow it to do the repairs. After this it should work.
For other Windows versions follow the video or the text below:
1. Restart Windows install
2. Delete the partition on which you want to install Windows (backup data first if you have important informations on it)
3. Create a new partition
4. Format the partition
5. Leave all Windows settings on default (you can change them in Windows later)
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Paul Guioguio says:

i got no cursor so I dunno…

Shavan Juggoo says:

Press shift and what??🤔😑😭

NooBeHD says:

Why doesn’t the mose show on the screen

ElectricBeta says:

Dude thanks for the help i was reseting my pc to get my other pc from the shop this helped me soo much on time thanks

al says:

thanks mate

AndrijaZ says:

Why i cant see mouse cursor

AndrijaZ says:

Why my mouse cursor is not visible??help please fast

H3LiUM says:

Thank you very much! worked on my Win 7 Ultimate

Badr Gagaz says:

very helpful , thank you Very Much

Dank Plays says:

is not working for me on windows 10

sathish hsihtas says:

Hi man i tried my dell N5050 window 10 but problem not solved
Please help me

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