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How to Fix Windows 7 Password When Locked Out Of Computer [working solution]

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Windows Password Locked fix, This Video can fix your forgotten log in password problem. Please watch care fully for good result.
Don’t want any download for fixing this problem so you will safe and secure.

Please don’t bother about the last password, that i am typing in the log on window. I have changed the password of some reason and recorded the last section of the video in another day.
What ever it is, this video will helps you to find the right procedure.


1.enter the command correctly from this video.
2. you need a windows 7 OS. if you have ISO file or image file of OS you need to make it as a boot CD or DVD.
And also If you use 64bit OS then try the cmd (command prompt )entries with SysWOW64 instead of system32.

you can simply fix password problems of your computer

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Sahida Anjum says:

Idiot, you rascal just wasted my time

Sahida Anjum says:

false the last part password is not abcd it's not working in your vedio also you give 5 character instead of 4 that is abcd
you lier

mohammad mahboob says:

Abe music to band kar.

Shakshi Srivastava says:

Bhai mera windows loading files likh ke nhi aa rha hai…

YT skull says:

Will it remove all my files?

naqeeb khan says:

its helpful

Hannelore Rack says:

This is not helpful for a person if their computer has no cd drive like mine.

Sameeksha Upadhyay says:

mera laptop me windows error recovery bta raha hai username -vaisnavi password muje nhi pta hai to mai kya karu ?

Md Amin says:

90518942 dell password

nithya parameswaran says:

Hi pls confirm, if we follow this the earlier data in computer we lose? coz i m working in school the the password we dnt know the earlier teacher used.. so now i m struggling. I tried many password combination but no use. can u pls guide

MySurvive - Minecraft says:

The song is damn bad. It needs better ones.

Jony John says:

what caused of this problem anyway???it's really make me angry.

Danish Mahamood says:

when i am trying this it's showing to reboot or insert disc

evans haller says:

wait… if the new password was "abcd", why did you type in five characters ?

حيدر الصبيح says:

Please help me my computer password in English and I delete the English language and the rest of the Chinese language

Eric says:

it all worked but the password doesnt work………..HELP PLZ!!!!

Chaquitta Mitchell says:

thanks that help me alot

Almir Aouij says:

it s not workingggg when I press delete nothing appear

Slagga B says:

you saved my day

Dominic Elliot says:

Liked at 666

storyteller Lyndon says:

interesting channel please sub back

The Majastic Creature says:

thank you soooo much p.s. if it doesn't work try d: instead of c: that worked for me no idea why

Roxie Taylor says:

1-888-451-4815 Gmail customer service & technical support phone number for forgotten password, password recovery, reset and many more issues.

MikeBlake28@gmail.com Mike says:

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KewGamerTVTHAI says:

Have boots?

Creepdestroyer 9000 says:


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