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How to fix Vertical Lines on iPhone 5S | Unresponsive Screen 5S | White & Black Lines

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How to fix Vertical Lines on iPhone 5S | Unresponsive Screen 5S | White & Black Lines in Easy Steps

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Easy Steps

{This video is for educational purposes only, I am NOT a “Professional Licensed/Certified Mechanic” or “Professional Licensed/Certified Technician” and I am not Liable/Responsible in any way for damages caused to YOU or your “Vehicle” or “Computer/Phone” due to this video}. Please leave your comments below if you have any questions or concerns. Hope this Helps someone out there.

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Amanda Lynn says:

This same process will fix the iPhone 5 too ?

Easy Steps says:

How to fix Vertical Lines on iPhone 5S | Unresponsive Screen 5S | White &
Black Lines

Easy Steps says:

How to fix Vertical Lines on iPhone 5S | Unresponsive Screen 5S | White &
Black Lines

osama alnahari says:

I have same issue but my phone is not totally frozen it just unresponds
randomly specially on apps . There r very fade lines on the Touch screen .
I have followed ur process 4 times with no change . Can u please tell me
what to do .! Thanks 

Boyahoy Smith says:

If i make a repair on a cellphone store will they do the same process?

Wisam Kahel says:

THANKS A LOT !!!!! men i was worried about it … my phone is alive again !
thanks to you

Marouane Hajji says:

I have the same problem in my iphone 5 but I tried making your process and
doesn’t work, Can you give me some advice to repair my iphone please?

job tanael says:

Will this effect the phone’s content 

I J says:

I am fixing a friends IPhone 5 half the screen white and black lines
vertically the other side is fine, but vertical lines of disoriented
color… Not sure what the problem is I have cleaned the connections 4
times with no change at all.

Mari Santos says:

How much will a job like this cost?

Cinemassacre says:

I’d take it easy with disconnecting the home button cable. Prying it up
that quick with something glued will damage it.

Joshua Austill says:

Thank you so much for making this video!!!. Works for 5c too, you just
saved my ass!

anže valtl says:

hey i just have a question. so i have an iphone 5 and i have the same
problem but only on one half of the screen. so the right side isnt working
and its covered in stripes (just like in the video) but the left side works
normal. So would it work if i did the same thing as you show in the video?
+great video, keep up the good work and thanks for the help 😀 

Sabrena Galindo says:

How much would it cost to get this professionally done?

Intermix Production says:

Can you do it for me ?

William Fontana says:

Hey buddie.. I have the same problems.. some lines with blue background.. I
should take the same steps? thank you for the video.

Noor Hanani says:

hi i have an i phone 5 and it has same lines on the display as in video. i
has changed another screen but still same and my phone’s screen also i had
tested on another phone but it work fine. so problem is not in screen. then
i has done what in video but it still same. then i send my phone to few
phone service workshops but they was unable to do. everything is working
fine but just the display have vertical lines on it.. but when i bring it
to apple service center they want to charge me much as a new phone. so
anybody here to help me please.. or advice
thank u very much..


Big Like!

Ron K says:

“Perry Tes” I think he I saying 5-star pentalobe screwdriver.
I love this video!!! This video helped me save so much money because I
didn’t have to buy a new screen….

THANK YOU “Easy Steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

icesun nanthaveth says:

i dropped my iphone5s a few hours ago and half of my screen has white lines
and it is unresponsive will the same method still work? please list the
tools you used.

Thomas Grimes says:

What if you dont have a suction cup?

Kion Mejia says:

I have the same problem but I don’t have the screwdriver you used to
remove the plate that covers the connectors. What should I do?

Megan Bani Khaled says:

i have good clean lcd with out lines but the digitize freeze in half side
,the other half works fine . i open it and clean it but still the same . i
replace the screen once but should i change the screen >>?!

Katie Wallis says:

This exact thing happened to my iphone 5, and i took it into a shop to be
repaired and they said it wasn’t anything to do with the screen
connections, and they weren’t able to fix it. Do you have any other
suggestions on what it could be? 

Juana Benitez says:

My iPhone 5 screen is black but when i push the top i can see it light up
and it look normal, please help!

Victor Toribio says:

I tryed this shit like 100 times and it still dont want to work the lines
are still there and sometimes three lines is there then try it again then
thousands lines come on really need help

Bianca DeVerney says:

I did this and my screen is still the has the lines. 

MrChickenman999 says:

mine still had the lines on it after??

Vincent Altieri says:

iiin ji

willie johnson says:

Thanks I did mines with a Lil bit of achole 

TaeRi Showtime says:

i got this problem and i dont know how to fix it.
my friend dropped my phone and its lcd opened but it still stick to the
and then my phone getting strange, like it kept touching itself but i dont
even touch it. im so done with this.
help me, anyone?

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