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How to Fix Touchpad Problems on a Laptop (Official Dell Tech Support)

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Watch how to fix touchpad problems on a laptop. Learn how to disable or enable a touchpad and adjust its pointing devices settings including touchpad driver updates.
For more information on drivers, watch our video at https://youtu.be/HU021uO230c
WINDOWS key brings up the search menu field. From here type in search words and hit the ENTER key.
ENTER key activates your selections.
CTRL “T” will open a new tab in your navigation bar where you can type in a new web address.
TAB key alone moves you along and down through selectable options inside a window or within an already active tab.
ARROW keys also move around through internal menu selections. Pay attention to what each of these does on each page.
CTRL+TAB keys navigate you across tabs.
ALT+TAB keys brings up all open windows.

Hi welcome to Dell Tech Support. Today we are going to focus on the touchpad; how to enable, disable, adjust and fix. For the most part, touchpads and their functions can be specific to every device and even the model. In this video, we will cover the basics to provide a comprehensive guide to your touchpad.
To navigate without a touchpad or Mouse, see a list of keyboard commands in the description below.
To enable or disable the touchpad, in the Start menu type Touchpad and click on Mouse and Touchpad settings. The on off toggle button should be here. If you don’t see it, then your computer may not have this feature, although some systems may have it under Additional mouse options within a touchpad or mouse related tab. Certain Dell models have the tab Clickpad or Dell Touchpad.
For some systems, the on off toggle button will be under Mouse Properties. In the Start menu, type in Control Panel and click on Mouse. There should be a tab dedicated to your touchpad which has the option Click to change Dell Touchpad settings. Clicking on this will open a second window for making touch pad adjustments.
In this Pointing Devices window, you can change the properties which impact how your cursor reacts on screen. With the Sensitivity option selected, you can adjust the speed, the pressure and even palm interaction. Some newer computers have added Gesture features which may cause erratic cursor movement so disabling or changing how they function may stabilize your cursor.
Another way to keep your touchpad running smoothly is by simply keeping it clean. Dirt, grease, sweat, liquids, and food all contribute to poor contact. A clean touchpad, as well as your fingers, will improve responsiveness. To clean the touch pad, use a soft cloth that has been lightly moistened with isopropyl alcohol.
If your touchpad still has some issues, check for the latest installation by going into the Device Manager. Locate and expand Mice and other Pointing Devices to find the touchpad. Double-click on it to open the Properties. Here you will find its status. Click on the Driver tab, select the Update Driver button and follow the instructions.
More in-depth troubleshooting can be done by running a System Restore or doing a PSA Diagnostic Test. For more information on these processes, watch our videos for instructions.
System Restore Windows 10 https://youtu.be/S2H3jKeieSo
System Restore Windows 8.1 https://youtu.be/LOW248lv6KY
ePSA Diagnostic Test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMBIyeelQA0
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For more information please visit http://dell.com/support
For support questions email us at dellcares@dell.com


Rakesh Kumar says:

i had a media playing issue when i play a video its automatically forwards after few seconds,what can i do

Sarthak Educational Academy says:

sir my dell touchpad scrollingGesture works well when i start my laptop but after sometime the scrolling gesture stops working and i can not scroll anymore after rebooting the device it works properly again olease help me troublshoot the problem

Klint Reinor says:

thank you thank you thank you

Tare 7 says:

My mouse and keyboard doesnt work helpppp

Michelle lee says:

None of those settings are on my Dell laptop. The touchpad works fine but the buttons won't work… I've spent so much money on this laptop and I can't find one fix for this

Mr Tũn says:

Can you help me to fix my left/right button on touchpad it don't working thank you

ReVoLuTioN GaMinG says:

thanks for help!!!

Bibek Grg says:

hey can you plz help me
I had touchpad in window10 and install window7 but my touchpad work properly but when I install again window10 my touchpad option are not shown as well I tried all fix tech but I cannot get ps2 touch pad in device manager
plzzzz help me I need your help

hannan amyr says:

Please HELP ME! As a dell user for 6 years i've never had any problems like these! when i click on,click to change DellToucpad settings it says it has stopped working!

herbert akachi says:

my dell latitude e4310 mouse pointer jumps around the moment i connect the keyboard, i have disabled the system touchpad, and its still jumping around even when i am using a usb mouse, as long as the laptop keyboard is connected, the pointer jumps around. please i need help


thankks very much

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