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How to Fix Touch Disease on iPhone 6 Plus (No Soldering or Bending) | appleEducate #03

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FOR EXPERIENCED USERS ONLY. Please do not try this unless you are comfortable taking apart your phone.
Skip Disassembly: 2:13 – Thickness of Tape (Bulge): 3:03

Full Details: http://appleeducate.com/index.php/2016/12/05/how-to-fix-touch-disease-on-the-iphone-6-plus/

I am an Apple Certified Support Professional, and Apple Certified iOS Device Repair Technician. I am an iFixit Pro, and Amazon Service Provider.

iPhone 6 Teardown
iPhone 6 Plus Teardown

iPhone Opening Tools: http://amzn.to/2cBv1I9

If you don’t feel comfortable opening your phone don’t feel bad. Check out iPad Rehab and you can mail your phone and have the chips replaced. http://mendonipadrehab.com/
This repair is at your own risk and I do not claim any responsibility for unintended damages you do to your phone. Be patient and double check everything. Helpful hint: put your screws down in the shape of your phone during the repair.

Check out my website! https://rodydavis.com
and Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RodyDavis/
Instagram: @rodydavisjr

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Stevon Barrett says:

I tried this fix before from another channel but I only used rubber big enough to cover the shiny IC Chip. The issue was solved for about a week and then the issue came back had to be twisting the phone again.

I'm going to try this with the tape and cover both chips and let you know if it works.

Rexen Ronald Catalan says:

I just bought an iphone6+.. it has a touch disease.. i never bend it.. or place in my back or front pocket.. i have a small belt bag that could fit my iphone.. the screen in unresponsive.. i forced restart it and it works again.. later on the problem comes back.. how i wish to have samsung rather than this..

Chekki Chakradhar says:

hi i need to know weather the metal plate on the ribbon than fix on the board have any impact on the touch response as its responsive some times and sometimes no
actually the metal plate with 5 screws has been misplaced

Tyler Clark says:

I have touch disease but it comes and goes does this 100% work?

Anthony Rodriguez says:

My wife's phone has been having this issue tried to take it to Apple they didn't help. Is there a step by step video that I can I follow so I don't mess up anything?

ysidrio cardenas says:

does it work on a iphone 5c

The Real Ryan says:

has been working for me for 5 days. i'll comment back if it stops working, but i see no signs of problems right now. thanks for the video

Jerry Alan says:

******Hey everyone watching this video. I want to warn you about doing this on your own, rather than doing it yourself, it might honestly save you time and money if you go to a professional. I didn't pull it off, and now my screen is even more grey barring, and darker. *****

Rody Davis says:

I went to the Apple Store today and asked about the Touch Disease, and they said it was caused by "flex cable" being bent. I said what about the fact it's the Touch IC failure and they said it is because they phone bends. They said they replace the phone with one that has never been bent at the price of a display replacement (Meaning it will have the issue again). Its sad that they are not even fixing the issue correctly.

GUM717 says:

Sexy nails

MaxMotoMan says:

Thanks for the video. This worked for me and so far after 4 days the phone is still good. The only different thing I did was to use two pieces of paper (close to thickness of a business card stock) instead of the electrical tape. I was afraid that the electrical tape's adhesive would ooze out because of the heat from the chips. Thanks again.

Dope Meme says:

I can't do itt!!!!

joshua lotion says:

ok update guys. its been a few months and its starting to glitch out again. idk what wrong with it though

DAM FLA says:

I have grey screen but on the entire screen not just the top. I have never opened a phone so I guess I need to take it to a repair guy.

Donald Johnson says:

I plugged studio headphone in my iPhone 6 and it just shut down and won't go back on. It's won't charge or connect to my laptop. Please help

Zonia Flx says:

I do and I was so scared when it first started happening still am btw

jesus dejose says:

thanks. i just fix my iphone with tutoring

Rob Catchings says:

People do not do this. Go to your setting and reset your phone (reset all settings.)

Traci Dean says:

Just took mine apart and actually instead of taking that piece all the way out, I just picked up on it and slid my piece of tape under it and the back of my phone. So didn't place it under that soft flap that you lifted up first. It fixed my problem for now. I think I used too thick of a piece though bc my upper portion of front screen won't snap back into place but everywhere else did so I'm fine with it lol. I just use this plus as a "tablet" anyway. Thanks for the info!!

Donte Brown says:


Jorge Vital says:

i paid 150 to fix my phone and they never did they sent my phone to my house

GraniteHalos says:

I have touch disease with no grey bar, I am going to try this and let you know how I works.

TheSneakerCow 1 says:

Can i use normal tape instead of electrical tape?

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