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How to fix the sudden shutdown of your computer.

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In this tutorial, i’m going to show you guys how to fix the sudden shutdown of your computer. I’m talking about the CPU problem not the software one.


rafi GMR says:

Thank you… It works

strange incredible videos says:

thanks bro but i need themrmal grease

akash mahesh says:

nice. jab mehne win 10 fall creators update kiya the.tavi 2 week bad mera pc automatic shut down ho ra ha.me kaise thik karu.a kaya mera hardware problem ha or software ka.plzzz reply me

Dheeraj Kumar says:

gresh ki price kya hai

Markezzio says:

I got this problem after overclock my pc 😂

Himanshu Rawat says:

sir thermal grease kaha se milage

VIKKLEGEND 860 says:

Didn't work

Rob39893 says:

you're putting to many paste on the cpu, and electrical interferences are getting in the way if you do that al by your hands.

Anshul Vishwakarma says:

….sometimes when i m playing games on my pc and electricity went off so the system is directly off so its safe or it damages my PC's hardware like processor,ram or something ??

Patel Raja says:

sir my Windows PC I am shutdown but after 2 minutes the PC automatic start and PC light also on what is the problem please sir

Gary Lester says:

It's not called greasing, it's heat sink, every CPU needs it and I think you put too much on.


What kind of screw driver is that

Saikat Barman says:

thank u so much….

bt 1 question is

old Thermal Paste, at first cleaning,
thn New Thermal Paste add on middle of fan.

Am I Right ???

Abdelghani sakar says:

very interesting. thank you for the easy steps.

chakri tech says:

Thanks a Lot sir, now my system working properly Thanks a lot

Netram Jaundoo says:

Ahhh!!! look how much thermal paste you put there!!


I applied thermal paste and my pc started working fine for upto 2 days but next day my pc doesn't start, I repeated same thing cleaned up my processor and fan, applied thermal paste it started working. What should I do? Can u suggest me what is the problem….I'm screwed dealing with this type of mess again and again. This problem started when rainy season began and I don't have ac in my house. Is that causing problem?

Outman Boukhlik says:

thank you man. you helped me out with my dads old computer. thanks a lot

Akhil kv says:

learn to focus the camara first you f**king a****le

TheCircled K says:

Only really works if paste is dry which causes it to overheat … which you can check with a monitor
Computers randomly shutdown for scores of reasons

Don't Quit says:

You can use Colgate toothpaste as a greasing agent!

এক মুসাফির says:

Jajak-Allah Khairan! Thanks a lot bro…


sir prosecer ko kholkar Jo pest lagaya ja raha hair no kya hair please name bataye no kaha milega uska ma'am kya hai

Rohit soni Rohit soni says:

or Kon sa pup nhi Lala sakte h

Rohit soni Rohit soni says:

this work on windows 7

Mohamed Zommit says:

ik that problem but my problem is my pc wont start (not systeme error) sometimes do start nd go shutdown after 2or 3 mins

so cute says:

can't we use other thing instead of thermal grease

Catitude Liby says:

r.i.p pc..

Jan Bryan De Castro says:

This guy is an Idiot dont do what he does here, you must remove the old thermal paste using rubbing alchohol and cloth or earbuds and dont apply too much thermal paste, all you need is a pea size and it will spread when you put back the heat sink.

TheNightmare - says:

Is there a replacement of this thermal grease?

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