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How To Fix The Sound On An iPad Quick And Easy

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No audio iPad fix.


luigi davi says:

Thank u it worked!!!

Diana Cason says:

Bottom part of screen won’t even slide so I can get to microphone to fix???

Diana Cason says:

Got it!

Diana Cason says:

Could not even slide the bottom part of screen to b

Sinue Cabadas says:

Oh my god THX man I’m subscribeing you and tell firends to subscribe u as

Diana Cason says:

Why does this keep happening? Ugh

Wesley Moore says:

If you don’t know these things you are an idiot. Completely useless

Fayadh Ahmed says:

First 20 seconds solved my problem!, lool thanks

helen booth says:

Can’t hear…no sound!!

Lesley Cummings says:

Thank you. The reboot worked for me. You saved me hours of time and

Ludvig Setterblad says:

That makes It sound like My iPad D:

Ash Singer says:

Perfect!!! Worked straight away.

Sashaleigh09 says:

Thank you!!!

Rene Pelletier says:

rebooting was the fix for me. Thank you.

saugat timsina says:

my ipad have scratchy sound ,how to fixed it

Jenise Lopez says:

Thankssss this worked I’m so hapy

lovely ann daganta says:

Yehey thank u. Mine was muted lol. Sorry I’m new to Ipad. hahha

99butcher99 says:

waste of time. if you don’t know this by now you are rather silly. The
REAL fix is to change your language region then change it back. go to
settings general. That fixes it but it does not say why it keeps on

Milvia Alvarado says:

Thank you so very much this helped alot

DanceStarCraft says:

I wanted to fix the sounds… And the video did have audio but you see my
iPad didn’t ..

Benscamia Jasmin says:


Kaya x says:

Can’t hear it 

GameCentreAlpha says:

I wanted to fix the sound but it didn’t work so I’m going to apple to get
it repaired

Sashaleigh09 says:


Danial Shah says:

The reboot didnt work for me

Peter says:

I had scratchy sound… The reboot worked for me… Thanks!!!
Previously I had turned it on and off, and cleaned the input jack and had
no success.

piki 1270 says:

This helped!!!! Thanks!!!

Ed Toothe says:

Clean instruction and it worked!!!!

Margaret Lambert says:

thank you so much for this seriously..

John Mansfield says:

Thanks, John

Carine Maffo Kengne says:

Very helpful. I pushed the mute button by mistake. Thank you very much the
sound is back on.

Hartleearts says:

Thank you! The reboot fixed my scratchy sound. Any clue why the scratchy
sound happens?

Cal Wheats says:

Can’t hear it lol

bundlesthepantsgnome says:

Thanks! That was very helpful!

Jackie Kevan says:

Hey, I was using an ipad 3, you need to swipe upwards from the bottom to
get those settings.

Ricky Grewal says:


jetgriff says:

sorry can’t hear it :-)

Jackie Kevan says:

Aaaaaaaaahhhh thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, it worked! your the best…..the

Bryan Villescas says:

Wow i love you ( no homo)…your the best and help me a lot thank you and
keep up the great videos

Andrea V. says:

i dropped mine on the tiolet it still work but the sound doesn’t 

Phoebe Zhu says:

It still won’t work

Farah Moreau says:

Wow, my iPads silent and I clicked a video to tell me how to fix it .
Whatever yolo

Girlygirl Simmer says:

Oh mine was on mute I am so stumped

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