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How to fix the iPhone’s letter “i” glitch

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There’s a bug in Apple’s iOS 11.1 that automatically changes the letter “i” to an “A” with a question mark in a box. Following is the text of the video.

A bug in Apple’s iOS 11.1 doesn’t let you type the letter “i.” The “i” becomes this …

The problem likely comes from the autocorrect software, or it could be linked to emojis. Some users get an “I” in the frequently used emoji section. Here’s a temporary fix for the problem.

Go to Settings—General—Keyboard—Text Replacement—Tap the plus sign

In “phrase” type an uppercase “I.” In “short-cut” type a lowercase “i.” This overrides the autocorrect so that every time you type a lowercase “i” it will change to an uppercase “I.”

For the most part, this will solve the problem. Apple plans to fix the problem in a future software update.

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Elijah Basconcillo says:

My mom has it

Murat A says:

Lmfoa all you Android users are so geeked cause apple made one mistake 😂. Yeah cuz android phones are perfect.

moonlight kayla says:

I’ve never had this problem with my iphone hm

CapsFan5050 says:

I️ hate this glitch 😏

Cxcoa Moon says:

I️ was very confused when this happened to me. At first I thought Apple didn’t want us to say “I” because they didn’t want us to talk about us. LOL!

Le Lenny Face says:

just write 2 i and delete the other i ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Victor Gonzalez says:

Oh there we go

Victor Gonzalez says:

I️ have that problem

AudiGamer [King Of Thieves] says:

I see 666 comments

Lol Lol says:

I️ hate this 😭

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