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How to fix sound/audio on any computer

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Today im going to show you how to fix your sound/audio in your computer. One of these fixes that im going to provide to you SHOULD work for you.

The fixes that are demonstrated in this video are:

1. Mute/Volume
2. Default Device setup
3. Drivers fix
4. Device Manager fix
5. Last Resource (Hardware fix)

If any of you got to the last fi, That you need to buy the hardware i showed you, here is the link:

It’s only $3.00 and its worth buying because it works! (instead of buying a new computer)

Thanks for watching!
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Mark Lemuel Bodino says:

when i fixing the sound and i tell daddy and it will not let me

pizza queen says:

what if I can see the green thing going up and down but I don't here anything? what do I do?

Ravi vishwa says:

sir i'm from india.i have a hcl computer..my problem is—-
on plugging the speaker on cpu sound port it doesnot work i.e it doesnt take input and give output..and the sound button in monitor seems crossas in redcolour please help rapidly within 5 hour

kyle schwartzkopf says:

mine only write high definition audio device

Gwen Viviani says:

I give up!!

keemakhafre says:

i only had to restart my computer and stuff and it worked ::

UF Female Sans says:

Idk what the problem is… When I tried to test the sound it failed :C
I'm gonna go ask my dad DX

real ZuKo says:

When i go to Control Panel -sound and then when i see on Playback section it says 'NO AUDIO DEVICES ARE INSTALLED' even tho they are connected Any knows how to fix please save my from this silent Hell any help is Appreciated

_Wolfkata _ says:

when i test my headphones/speaker i dont hear any sound but it shows that there is playing something what the fuck please help

Tony G says:

Great idea. Thanks. I've exhausted all other attempts to fix audio  including a full restore. Probably a motherboard issue!. PS. I used my laptop to listen to the advice. Most of us could do this!

CallMe Chief24 says:

The 2nd one helped me thanks man

DickMASTER says:

I have some problem, when I plugged in my headphones after i unplugged speakers I still hear a voice, but it's really strange like its bugged or something, and other songs sound weird, help plz

IMA Technology says:

i found the website and the sound driver for my model but the proplem is that they don't offer my operating system i am on 8.1 and the driver for 8.1 isn't avaliable please answer

Stefano Zhou says:

What if I only have 1 default device and it doesn't work?

Tech star 90 says:

hello dear please help me my you tube videos sound not working but another vlc ets working my speaker also working but only from you tube videos not work how to fix please help me please

RealSantabingo says:

i have a problem when people talk it goes and glitch plss help

Eljinye Long says:

My computer makes no sound. I don't know if its supposed to be stuck on headphones/speakers. But someone please help me idk what to do.

Diamond Complex // Minecraft says:

I left a like, these video helps 🙂

RoxiiLoveRevolution says:

it's not giving me playback options….

DukeGthe3Rd says:

last resort not last resource

stannis the mannis says:

Didn't work 💔

Lyrics4 You says:

Thanks man this really help as soon as you got to the default device it helped me so much

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