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How to Fix Scratched/Blurry Smartphone Camera Lens

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Today we fix your smartphone’s blurry or scratched camera lens so you can take better photos once again. It works like magic and doesn’t require more then those things that you already have in your house plus it saves you a lot of trouble.

*Apologies for the cringy editing xD

Please be careful not to scratch your camera while cutting the scotch tape edges with scissors. If you are using a phone with non removable back then you’d have to cut it in circle which might be a little hard but worth it.

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– Grabster ✌


Pavitra Utgikar says:

alternative for sratch tape please

Prabuddh Agarwal says:

it really works

Lolsey wolsey says:

Worked for me, thank you so much! ?

Carlo Valerio says:

Damn my phone's camera looks good again. Even the colors pop more now. Thanks a lot!

apoorva sharma says:

O.M.G this is great … I researched and found that it actually fixes back the changed refractive index of the lens to normal.

Anand diwakar says:

Bhai cello tape chalega

BlueyLuna says:

Thank you so much. It works.

Rishabh Rao says:

it's working fine

Dennie Daniolco says:

OMG it works!! thank you!

Sarthak Karki says:

it works thank u

Ram Sharma says:

I think lamination is better

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