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How to fix Scratched Camera Lens on any Smartphone ✔

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How to fix Scratched Camera Lens on any Smartphone

In this video, i’ll show you how to remove scratches from your smartphone’s camera lens at no cost and turn it into a quality one again.

Over the time, your photos begin to appear more and more blurry when using the camera. The most likely cause for this is a scratched camera lens. A scratched camera lens can considerably impact the quality of any photos that are taken. However, in most cases the scratches are not on the lens itself, but on its protective coating.

A decent fix I suggest is grabbing some toothpaste. You can simply remove these scratches by using toothpaste, but you want to gentle when applying and removing the toothpaste from your smartphone’s camera lens.

First, apply a very small blob of toothpaste on the rear camera lens and use a cotton bud to coat the entire lens. Then use a microfiber cloth dipped in water to remove the toothpaste.
If you now take a closer look, you should find that all the small scratches have vanished.

The most important thing to remember here is that you want to gentle when applying and removing the toothpaste, since you could potentially damage the lens even further with too much force.

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Wailky is dead says:

Ha dint work for me if i put it and do everything it only smells like toothpaste

Mohommad Aaliyaan says:

not working

Déborakaaksjjamajaka :v says:

It worked I LOVE YOU

SLCL JN says:

Its looking like fingering pussy

Landon Tech Tips says:

work for cracks?

Atif Bolch says:

Is se camera to kharab nhi ho ga na? Pls reply

prabesh pokhrel says:

can we use colgate

Lavinia Vougazianos says:

I always check the comments to see if it works and it look like it does so im gonna try! 😀

Harris Alkreido Captain America says:

Should you use toilet paper to clean the paste off?

Hurarah Rehman says:

is per kiya istamal kiya saff karna laiya

cAtHy velasco says:

It worked. thanks 😀

Caklutfi says:

Makes thing even worse, i did

Dimitris Blane says:

Yes man! I thought this was bullshit but it works!
Thank u

Deonge Umba says:

It worked, but in a difficult way, not as simple as it seems here, I had to sand the lens much harder after cleaning with the microfiber cloth which actually obstructed everything before coming clear. I won't blaim those who claim that it didn't work. Anyway, thanks for the technique

Heon Awesomesky says:

Not work because of my shit plastic made lens protector galaxy ace plus

alexxu salamandarr says:

it worked tnx

suhas k says:

does it work on samsung galaxy j2?

Ahmed Bro says:

Does it work permanent or short time

Gaidhani Parth says:

enstead of cloth we can also use the tissue paper??????

Mudit Jhawar says:

Any alternative for microfiber?

Gab Del Rosario says:

It left a watermark like scratch on my camera lens 😭 help 😭

Sudheer Prince says:

Wht is lb chemical Bro.

OTAKU _18 says:

Can i use any cloth??

Amaan Baloch says:

Kaisa clean kiya camera ku bhia

Mohit Shah says:

It really worked 👍

Phantom Gaming says:

I don't have a microfiber cloth. What else can I use?

HiCrizPlays says:

I clean my lens with my finger or a paper…
Oneplus one
Direct lighting or night shots-Ultra blurry,like with a lot of bloom effect

Cleaned it with toothpaste…
Clear images at night time.Tomorrow,I'll test daytime.

You are amazing added to fav :')

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