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How To Fix Replace Repair iPhone 5 Broken Glass Screen + LCD DIY

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hone 5 repair guide and tutorial. How to fix and replace your iPhone 5 LCD and digitizer.

If you have dropped your iPhone 5 cracking the screen and thinking about repairing the screen yourself then this video is for you! You can’t go wrong with this step by step HD tutorial. This screen replacement repair guide will walk you through the process from beginning to end. The most complete and best iPhone 5 glass screen dis-assembly and assembly tutorial on YouTube.


idusclothing says:

about 360 px short of hd ­čÖü
still an awesome vid!´╗┐

Mohamed Khalid says:

I live in singapore, asian part of the world. Where can i get the
replacement screens and digitizer?´╗┐

Laurynas Tamosiunas says:

I just replaced a screen on a 5s and the center is all redish shade what
went wrong?´╗┐

Chris Taylor says:

I’m a DIY’er for just about everything but I recommend getting this done
professionally. Getting everything to line up correctly was a nightmare,
especially the front camera and ear piece. I ended up cracking my new
screen trying to get the top back in :(´╗┐

ahm5514 says:

hello. i have an iphone 5 that i wanted to replace the bettery. when i
lifted the screen it didn’t come in one piece. i mean the glass and screen
came off in one piece while the thin frame underneath didn’t. i saw the
screen was still working at the point in time. then when i was able to lift
the screen frame, i noticed that one of the tiny screws holding the front
camera was really loose so i tighten it up. i proceeded to replace the
battery (i might’ve unplugged the battery before turning the phone off) and
when i put every thing back together, the screen was all black, the phone
doesn’t respond to anything. i call it and it rings but the phone is just
dead. i then plugged it to itunes and it was recognized just fine. any idea
what could the problem be?! :(´╗┐

schwyzerdrache says:

Hey thanks for the video! The new screen works fine, but my home button
isn’t working anymore. I thought I might need to recalibrate, but that
didn’t work either. Does anyone have an idea what could have gone wrong or
should I just open it again?´╗┐

Burton Dahle says:

ok im out. I know when to try something and when to pay someone else.´╗┐

Can Zorlu says:

Will changing LCD screen fix your touch ability?´╗┐

Austin Marra says:

thanks, helped a lot

trias hoppipolla says:

its not replace LCD, its is just replace home button…´╗┐

david henriquez says:

i think who ever is not making this home based business or atleast part
time . you are missing out on some good cash flow´╗┐

kul fitta says:

Very nice peace!!´╗┐

jose soto says:

thanks for the videos, excelent advice´╗┐

bandu40 says:

Thanks, Very helpful.´╗┐

Shane Kim says:

Sometimes the screen is too cracked to pull up using a suction, and you
have to use a little more effort to pry the display up.´╗┐

Brad Matt says:

So, my iphone 5 the button is broken and the screen is legit broken off,
and the lcd is destoryed too, my mom really smashed it up. any idea how
much this would cost to fix?´╗┐

Julia Den says:

excellent thank you!´╗┐

Preston Christensen says:

Video was super helpful! Works perfect!´╗┐

Lourdes Galindo says:

I like the way you do the hall video 100 %´╗┐

John Dowson says:

also being it all back together with screws not going in properly and 1
screw not in around the home button because it does nothing.
My screen has strange patterns, touch screen couldnt be working any worse
and my home button doesnt work. At least my screen isn’t cracked ey?´╗┐

John Dowson says:

fucking screws fucking my off. Can’t do this shit. Screws are not the same
fucking sizes´╗┐

Nick Mac says:

Clinical job man, nice. Waiting on tools and will give it a go. : )´╗┐

Laura hernandez says:
Peter Bird says:

Great video. I’ve replaced a couple now. It’s pretty easy. Some people
who’ve commented obviously need to be more observant when they dismantle

John Dowson says:

small adhesive? fucking may aswell used super glue on mine the cunts.´╗┐

Bear Saphoney says:

I can’t get the 2 first screw undone I’ve spent 30 minutes trying it’s
impossible what can I do

conner doung says:

Oh , do I have to remove all those screws …? So I go be patient to do it
…thanks for yr vid.´╗┐

Zeb Khan says:

its a great tutorial, thank you so much. But your screw driver irritated me

Daniel Valdez says:

Very thorough explanation. I can’t wait to try it when my replacement
screen comes in. ´╗┐

daniel perry says:

hi i replaced the screen but now the phone wont turn back on. any ideas

Gordon Kirkup says:

just fixed my son’s phone thanks to this video and it was a breeze damn
good instruction’s and clear picture’s and i am 50+ so any one can do it ´╗┐

simmie199 says:

Thank you very good video !!! ´╗┐

Row David says:

Just use your video to assist me in replacing my screen and LCD digitizer.
Thanks so much!! It was very helpful!´╗┐

Sarah Murphy says:

FANTASTIC…I have just replaced my screen and i am an old git, if i can
do it so can YOU !!´╗┐

Christina White says:

how come no one ever runs into a stuck screw doing this and i always have
at least 2-3????´╗┐

ixiunidotixi says:

why is the category of this video comedy? ´╗┐

Robert Zimmerman says:

If you guys want to suction up the screen and it’s cracked, put clear tape
over the glass. ´╗┐

arrgh garry says:

my screen glass is shattered can I carefully pry away the glass and repalce
it wirh a plastic screen´╗┐

Evona says:

Thank you! Today i fix my Iphone with your movie :)´╗┐

yebbo00 says:

Thought was a great video! excellent detail in the battery connector plate
and removal to prevent damage! static gloves could be used but not
essential thank you great work.´╗┐

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