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How To Fix Recovery Mode Loop OR iTunes Logo on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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laila van de voort says:

ohmygoodd thank you so much

emanuel Guti says:

I can’t run the Umbrela!

arifulla shaik says:

Do you need itunes for recovery

Matthew Lucas says:

your a piece of shit dude! You can write code but you infect my pc with
BS! I do NOT want you spyware removal software, i have my own. FU!

lewis stevenson says:

this website looks like such a virus

sammy hui says:

the links do not work

Adr805 says:

thanks, work

Brett is says:

so i downloaded this app on cydia last night then my ipod 5th gen went into
endless boot loop so i tried to restore it and i keep trying to but itunes
wont recognize my device please help me 

Walter Gómez says:

none of them work for mi iphone4S 🙁 please help

remon wagdy says:

help it doesn’t work on my ipad 2

tina mendoza says:

not working on my ipad2 help plssss

Isabel Albert says:

my iphone 5 is in recovery mode… but the itunes logo is red! what do i

marcos Calero says:

omg bro, thanks for the help, you totally helped me, it worked just right,
defenitly going to subscribe

Shahab Mohsin says:

you are awesome bro!!!!!!! worked like charm… i was downloading ios 8.0
but some reason my phone went in recovery mode and i didn’t want it to lose
anything on my phone. well umbrella worked in a second.. Thanks ALOT

Aneel Ratanpura Vohra says:

I have bought second hand iPhone 4g it was running on 7.1.2. And previous
owner didn’t turned off find my iPhone. Si, now iphone is locked and I
can’t contact previous owner how do u fix this problem pls help. 

Arc EviL says:

help me , how to fix recovery mode for iphone 5. i need ur help :(

amey chavan says:

hi abdul,… my ip4 keeps rebooting,.. n its showing me to connect to
and i bought a new computer,.. few days ago,… n i ddnt sync it yet,…
so how shuld i sync an iphone on a recovery mode,… plz hepl !!!

ilikepiedu says:

Doesn’t work it just goes back to recovery mode please help

Bruno Bruno says:

Thank you! After hours trying to find a solution, you showed the way.
Salutes from Brazil.

Zyko Zin says:

Thank yu! so much bro

Vxneji says:


Chithrgupthan says:

I tried both but for My Iphone 4 GSM, it is not worked.
I have to downgrade my iphone from 7.1.2(jailbraked) to 6.1.3.
How is it possible???

Sourabh Bhasker says:

plzzz help me yr my fone is stucked in apple logo….. iTunes is showing


I have IPAD1, I am getting error 28 on iTunes and my device in DFU all the
time. I tried both methods and it did not work for me. PLEASE help

kamrul hasan says:

i have used all of these two process but it does not work, what can i do
now? please help me

Paul Adrian says:

Pls help ,,,,,!!! My device doesn’t pop up on my itunes!!!! Help pls…

SLIMEface2o3 says:

i got out of recovery mode but now its on the apple logo going on and off
about 10seconds. any clue on why this does that after exiting recovery
mode. also i try to restore but got an error 9. please help me

AustinCORUM. says:

You saved my life bro! I thought I was screwed.

Ibadullah Khan says:

ur the best thx

Natalie Lydia says:

omgg it won’t work i tried downloading the umbrella thing and it wont even
work im gonna cry.. D:

vipin patel says:

it is showing error 40 in 3gs and i tried all your method

LarrytheM4m says:

did not work on 5s ios 7,1+

Eddie Flores says:

Will this work without I tunes?

TheCopyLeftered says:

Thank you so much, IReb managed to fix my ipod touch :D

Mahmoud Abdulrady says:

Fucken liar ,,, recording paused on the moment iphone opened ,,, he paused
and switched the phone then continued the recording check 2:25

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