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How to Fix Overheating and Shutting Down Laptop

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Heat buildup can shut a computer down if it gets to hot. This video shows how we repair heating issues with a Dell Inspiron laptop. To avoid repairs shown in this video, watch our other post titled: Tech Tips: Keeping Your Laptop From Overheating
found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPAinYswCJo

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TheMightyWill says:

Mines turns off at 75ish degrees C >.< lol

FatheredPuma81 says:

100 F isn’t really that hot… my laptopt (dell inspiron) runs at usually
150 F or so and on the longest occasion it hits 212 F and I can spell
burning so I just turn it off and back on and it cools itself down. (I
think I can norrow that down on gaming+ the fan not turning up so I do

Lopt the Treacherous says:

Huh. My laptop is fine in normal use, but whenever I play games on it, the
temperature skyrockets and the fan sounds like it is straining. I can only
play for an hour or so max. Guess I need to get a new fan. Anybody know if
Best Buy can help with this issue? I’m not handy at all.

slrcreative says:

Hi Steve, Really liked the video because my Toshiba Satelilite L505 is
getting hot and shutting down. Also, the video gives the the confidence
that I can get into my laptop as comfortably as I’ve always done with
desktops. However, my fan IS running and blowing HOT air out. I’m pretty
sure what the cause of my shutdowns is…. Minecraft. But it might be
something else as I’ve been playing the game for a couple of years and the
shutdowns only started a month ago. I happily realized that I’d just
recently jacked up some of the game’s video settings and when I slid them
back down into medium ranges the problem stopped for weeks. But yesterday,
it started again. As I watched your video I was really excited because I
thought surely that was the problem. However when you did the tissue test
to show that the fan was working, I did the same thing and mine is.
Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the insights and the confidence
builder. I’m now going to read up on Laptop graphics cards – I know the
desktop graphics cards generated a good deal of heat and I even fried one
when having too many graphics up and running. Thanks again.

Len Kagamine says:

But it keeps shutting down while i watch the video =^=

Gilberto Rodriguez Hernandez says:

mine has the same problem my pc lasts 3 hours and then it turns off

andy lovejoy says:

I have the same dell laptop I striped it down and cleaned the fluff out of
the fan it was bigger then the bit you had. The fan works but the computer
shuts down 5min after turning it on. If I blow cold air in to it works can
I speed up the fan. ( a bit shit having to use a hair drier to make the
computer work) any thoughts on this problem

JAY JAY Torres says:

Well done. How much did you charge your customer? 

Robert Smith says:

Well this is the second 20 plus minute video I’ve seen and I have to say
that you explain everything you do very thoroughly, which is what I think
most people need, to give them confidence in doing what your tutorials
teach. The last video was about ethernet drivers not being installed and
this one, obviously, a fan issue. I’ve not worked on laptops and this shows
me quite a bit of what you’re doing. I like troubleshooting both software
and hardware issues like yourself so I think your videos provide me with
some needed insight into laptops. I thank you for doing this very much.

kaearthan says:

It’s funny that my Toshiba laptop overheated and shut down when I was
watching this video…thanks for this video…

Bob Griffin says:

I have a heat up..shut off Toshiba Satellite A series 7 years old
Vista.Thanks for sharing this.I was ready to take it to a shop but after
seeing how easy you fixed this Dell i am going to do it myself. Will let
you know if i have success or not. I am assuming that the Toshiba laptop is
built the same way as this Dell..Thank you.Griff.

mark ray says:

Tonight I learned how to fix a fan on a laptop.Now I need to learn how to
be that laid back!!! GREAT VIDEO MAN!!!

Raul Mercado says:

wow thank… it was helpful very helpful thanks

Eduardas edis says:

To make it better change thermopaste

Jean Raymond says:

thank you for the very informative video. My fan is running but my laptop
shuts down usually within 45 mins after powering it up. I have a cooling
pad, as well as a riser which should do the trick but it is not. I have
seldom, if ever, used the battery power – usually just keep it plugged in.
The laptop is about 5 years old. Do you suggest purchasing a new battery?
I love, love, love your site!

Andrea NY says:

Thanks for the clear cut, and precise steps! 

Super Vegito says:

mine turns off around 105 c
and i knew it was a cooling issue

4BeatBox4 says:

I have a gaming laptop but it stopped working..i can feel cold air when it
starts but when i game it starts to get really hot and it didnt do that
befire, just a little warm air 

Alaska Sights and Sounds says:

I like using some free software called Almico Speed Fan to get internal
temps before and after working on the laptop overheating problem. It could
also be noted the heatsink thermal compound needs to be redone sometimes or
the heatsink replaced if someone scratched the surface. Good job with the

WATCH CORN | Motion Graphics says:

You did the first try without RAM’s ? there will be any BIOS problem ?

Caio Branco says:

My laptop shut down half way throu

Shangkar Lankford says:

Thanks, I have an HP with the same over heating prob. I going to try that
and see if it works, a tech told me, I should just buy a new one for the
same amount it would cost to fix. I see why; he probably would charge me
just to tale it apart, it does look time comsuming. Thanks

Gautam Ranjit says:

the laptop is same like mine :O

fation shabanaj says:

Hello so i have a question i own a HP 625 it’s not the fastest laptop but
the overheating is insane it’s not like dust is blocking it since i clean
it weekly but still it overheats at a level that you can’t even let your
hand for a minute before the fan. what would you recommend doing to fix
this issue. 

mnslackermom says:

FIXED MY LAPTOP! Try GuruBrew’s other link: Tech Tips Keeping Your Laptop
From Overheating, before taking laptop apart. Although this video is great,
it’s harder to take a laptop apart than to open up a desktop style
computer. Takes skill to pry the keyboard out, etc. I just couldn’t do it.
My hp pavilion laptop was shutting down frequently due to heat. The fan was
spinning but no air came out. So I tried vacuuming the vents as he
describes in his other video. The vacuum pulled a small wad of lint, about
1/3 the size of a cotton swap tip, up into the plastic vents where I was
able to grab it and pull it out from between the slats. Now laptop is
acting normal again. So it wasn’t necessary to take laptop apart after all.
Thanks, Gurubrew!

carol dennis says:

Using a light weight feather instead of tissue paper will tell you if the
fan is working as it is very sensitive even to a very small amount of air

Gangsta4Lives says:

Quick! Someone call Albuquerque Police Department and inform Walter White
is not dead! 

George Karkalis says:

Thank you for the very educational video.

anistii says:

sadly mine isn’t actually overheating, my computer will be primarily in
IDLE then the fan turns on as fast as it can I pull up HW monitor it says
40C to 60C not bad I check load and sure enough it was running at 3% then
the computer shuts down I’m thinking temperature sensor is going because it
literally happens once every 3 to 4 months not an all the time issue and
the laptop when I touch it is cold 

Nathan Henriquez says:

I did it but my computer didn’t turn back on. RIP

carlosgagoacero says:

I fixed my laptop’s ‘sudden shutdown’ problem, thanks alot! =)
but I still have problems, the cpu still gets hot and it’s the cpu problem
now, this laptop’s old and is about 3years already, do you think I need to
replace the thermal compound or what not?
also, it hangs overtime like maybe for 5 minutes then goes back responsive
(after I cool it down by it’s side and direct cooling it with an external
fan) so I’m really having a hard time browsing with this sudden computer
unresponsiveness I think it’s the CPU’s temperature getting too hot and
degrading itself . or my RAM’s too low (2GB) and can’t run more chrome tabs
that I open. Hope this gets to you and eventually make a video for
replacing thermal compound (if it’s needed to cool the CPU)
Have a nice day all~

Monas76 says:

He said “I’ll be back in a minute” like finding some dirt in the fan was
emotionally devastating for him. 

Tamás Szilágyi says:

Just a bit correction on the fan wires: the yellow one is not a temp
sensor, but it’s the speed sensor for the fan, the temp sensors are on the


You “hit the nail on the head” for me!! I have this same laptop and was
fairly certain that I have a fan problem. Your video is so precise that I
would try to fix it myself if I wasn’t such an old fart with shaky hands! I
guess I’ll have to pay someone to fix it. Thanks for this great video

luis hinojosa says:

i hate laptops,eversince yesterday i had to take apart everything down to
the motherboard just to get to the fan.it had alot of dust.i fix my problem
but i ended up breaking lot’s of pieces.lost screws,broke plastic.now i
made my computer look like of of those laptop tablebts pcs things.my next
comp purchase will be a normal pc,everything is in a box it’s easie’r to
get to.

Aladdin Artello says:

I have a HP G62 and its doing the same. Next time i will definatly go for a
Mac! These windows pc times is over. Simply oldfashion. Get a mac enjoy the
pure silence and efficiency of a machine. I am sick and tired of that noice
and heat these windows machines makes. And no i am not a mac employed! :)

andy lovejoy says:

Thanks for the advice heatsink and fan on ebay £8.00 can’t go wrong with

ratos74 says:

when one try to clean the cooler with compressed air that what happens –
the dust will go into the fan and will block the propeller.

Rishvic Pushpakaran says:

mine goes to 184 F

John Peart says:

I have a HP probook that has been to the repair shop 3 times in the last 6
months. It will go to sleep and stay on and get extremely hot on the
bottom. I have to pull the battery and let it sit overnight. now it will
not boot up,no video, no sound just the power light comes on, and get hot.
I bought it 1/13/11 and purchased an extended warranty with it that runs
out in 35 days. I am leery of sending it into the same repair company
again, afraid they will keep it for 3 weeks and ship it back not working
right. I did call the warranty company and waiting for their response back
to me. It worked fine for 2 1/2 years. Shouldn’t they last longer than

anus ripper says:

My laptop shut down in the middle of this…

Kresthy Hazzard says:

we cant do that hey every body does your loptop shutting down byitself me

Juan Mendez says:

Help me please me laptop freezes for a long time not responding .

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