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How to fix or troubleshoot a blank or black screen not powering up issues laptop

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Update as of Jan 31 2014: If you tried everything I mentioned in the video and still it shows you a black screen, most likely your graphics card is toasted. I’m in process of finding a laptop with toasted gpu so I can make a video how to repair that issue.

PEOPLE THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING MY VIDEO! and thank you for positive feedbacks. I read all of them and they are a great motivation to myself. Thank you for watching and hope this video will save your laptop!

So I see many people suffering from blank screens, black screens or what ever they call. This can really freak out people since they cannot see ANYTHING on the screen. In this video I’m providing some tips and couple ways to troubleshoot a laptop with certain kind of issues. If you have any questions ask me and rate + comments are always great!


Cineon  VFX says:

In my case, I Have Sony Vaio, and the problem is: sometimes when i Power my
Laptop, it shows black screen, no backlight, nothing, I can only hear the
cooler, but later when I try to power my laptop on, everything works fine
:/ anyone knows what’s the problem?

310Sole says:

i have a similar problem only difference is i get a black screen with mouse
cursor after i type in password and hit enter. when ctrl+alt+del are
pressed, log on/off, switch user, task manager, options screen comes on
with the power down button the bottom right corner.
i got a aspire 4810tz win 7 alongside ubuntu. ubuntu boots up fine and
everything works just fine. it’s just logging into windows thats having

YirmeyahuWeeps says:

I liked this video mostly because I really like the sound of your voice.
Plus you sound like you have a cool personality.

Wolfman099playsMC says:

In my case mine is a advent note book and the last time a saw it working
was when it had sooo many virus’s I’m thinking that it keeps crashing each
time it try’s to boot cos of soo many virus’s plz help me!

TheGamerSite says:

My laptop does shows the logo “HP” but then nothing else. The lights stay
on on the screen but it does not shows Windows 8.

Kaito says:

Hey 🙂 First of all: nice video!
Now to my problem:
I haven’t checked all Tests Yet (just wachtched the video) But when i Power
up my Laptop, the on / off Button is completely disabled. So i can’t use it
to turn the Laptop off. What Do you trink about that?

Nash B says:

THANKS SO MUCH!!! Your video saved my laptop!!! Do I put the battery back
in? Or not? 

cappetro says:

I have a toshiba windows seven. I can start up my laptop fine and once I
log in it shows nothing but my mouse. Can you help me please?

Nancy Osas says:

Thanks a lot. The first step worked for me. You just saved me from hours of
headaches. Thank you thank you thank you :D

Florida Scolas says:

My computer will have the power button light on, but the screen won’t light
up at all, and after about a minute, it just shuts off. It will keep doing
this with no end. I just got a recovery disk from acer and you can hear the
computer running the cd, but the screen still won’t light up. Any tips?

June Jung says:

Please please help. My laptop works fine, it turns on u can hear the fan
and the blue light turns on. You can see the mouse and you can move the
cursor. The only thing is everything is black. It doesnt go to my normal
desktop and always stays black. All i can see is my cursor move. I waited 1
hour every time and it never worked. Please help much appreciated. ^^

L stevenson says:

My asus fans running but no boot up. I started it and pressed the F9 for a
recovery partition and the back screen is a light lavender. I am running a
full HD two partition recovery at the moment. Please help.

DJ StarkS says:

Thank dude ! Your video is very halpful.
I fixed my issue.

Alred Chaps says:

had wrong type of ram chips in my laptop XD

minecraftModNmore says:

i get the same problem but only when i plug the charger in

Wathana Prak says:

You rock man, thanks for the tips.

Mc lovin says:

well i found out that if i took everything out,and put it back in again, it
would work, for a short period of time…then just black out….i think th
best possible reason is i dont know anything about this stuff….graphics
card? O.o maybe?


fuck you

Jose Tinto says:

Thanks! This was some awesome tips.

ROS RealmOfSausage says:

my problem is, i can turn my computer on (Asus ultrabook). it shows
loading, but then, it goes black, backlight shows up but computer does
nothing, anyone has fix to this????

TRAPMOB123 says:

My acer aspire pixel freezes,. & when it does that the fan gets louder &
nothing works, it does it randomly sometime as soon as i cut it on sometime
8 minutes later, anybody know how to fix this? 

asif malik says:

Hi, thank you for the video. It fixed my blank screen when I took the
battery out. Does that mean I need a new battery? Thank you.

GamingDeadTv says:

Thank you

Alex Rahali says:

I have the exact prob but after a few mins the pc starts to BEEP.

Btw I have a dell Inspiron 1545 

John Anthony Ocho says:

My Laptop Has a Problem I think its a black screen but not that kind of
black screen of yours The Display is Good But The Desktop Display Is Black
And also the Start screen BTW i am using Acer Aspire v5 Windows 8. Nothing
more Black or blank screen on my laptop just The Desktop and the start
button Is Only BLACK..And it has No Display,no icon,No wallpaper And no
options NOTHING!

Please Help me..

victor brunk says:

he called a vga (d-sub) a dvi!


Some one help me.. I have a gateway nv52 laptop and the laptop has power
and there is just a blank screen 

WestCoastSamoan says:

I can’t believe it’d actually work! Thank you sir for the video

mike gonzales says:

How can I fix mine. It’s blank then it’s black and blank again

astrid karoline says:

Omg thank you so so much !!! 

Konoha Suna says:

On my HP, There are two lack bars on either side of the screen.=, and it’s
annoying the LIFE out of me. How do I fix it?

Jonas Marcial says:

Yes i got, I follow the first step. when u have to press it for 20 sec it
worked but, I need to refresh my laptop lmao!

Thomas Haney says:

My computer starts up showing starting windows then it shows a full black
screen but I can see my curser

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