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How to fix noisy computer fans.

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Very quick simple tip on how to quiet down your noisy PC or Mac and increase the longevity of your computer fans. Just by oiling them!


Manjul Walia says:

thanks i have 24v 2.3a same delta brand fan , its an awesome fan
after lubing its running butter 🙂

josvanr says:

worked for both my noisy sunon fans, thnx!

Longestdistance says:

Thanks for the video! It worked like a charm. I used sewing machine oil

jamierose252 says:

I used wd40 on my usb table fan. When I switched it on terrible noise sounded like it’s was struggling turning. Now spinning very quietly. Thanks for the video.

Pär Nordqvist says:

Do the fans in my Mac Pro Quadcore mid 2012 look the same? I have two big ones, one in the front and one back and several more. The computer has been whining since I bough it in April 2013. It is disturbing. The computer has been to service twice on guarantee and nothing wrong could be found. I have now changed graphic card and now the fans are going even faster, they are blowing at speeds of 1 500 RPM or more. Expensive computer but not so good. And now it probably hasn’t so long time left. Maybe High Sierra is the last big upgrade before vintage…

jdmac44 says:

There's a really amazing lubricant for bearings called Dan's Banana Lube. My dad used it on RC car wheels when I was a kid and I remember making wheels spin forever with it. It has a fun banana smell to it too. lol

Sentlee says:

WD-40 works too?

Aaliyan Production says:

Which microphone you are using

StealthyMonk says:

Thumbed up. Works well – I am now enjoying silent computing once again.

GALAXY Prime says:

used some clipper oil works great

Anhad Singha says:

Hi! I put machine oil in both fans of my Pavilion a1200il CPU but it is still making noise. How can I reduce the noise and could it be because of low RAM?

Adrian Lau says:

It works! thank you so much

Matthew Novic says:

I didn't have any wd40 so I just used some regular olive oil and the thing's quieter than a mouse, pissing on cotton.

Ali0The0King says:

Does baby oil work ?

Arthur Thaete says:

why was it was there more noise in my left headphone and no my headset is not broken

Wet Pussy says:

Or you can use anal lubricant

arion951 says:

thanks my pc is on fire

kane hodder22 says:

i play games on steam everytime i play games on steam my pc making loud noise only on steam

Krisna Hartawan says:

how to unplug it ?

hideNXDD says:

Thank you !

Monkey says:

It quiet the fan, but now my monitor won't detect anything

desiree otabor says:

my pc had no sound at first then it started making skreaching sounds

Brynxx says:

im confused while reading comments so can i use the oil in my face insead?

VincentPlayZ says:

Well…. I would do this, but my dad thinks I'll break my pc….. Welp

Randy Marsh says:

can you use sperm instead?

JSNode says:

Can I use coconut or refined oil?


Very useful video.

Hipp0crit says:

"I have fingernails, they're just very short" oh thank God

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