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How to Fix No Sound on iPad When Playing iPad Games

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xmansavassi says:

lol, thank you!

Ammiel Cunanan says:

Oh my gosh thnx i thought my iPad was possessed or something

Welora Chan says:

But I have iOS 11?

Gaming SSJR says:

This isnt a computer its an ipad so why is it on Computing? LOL

Angel Almazan says:

It looks like gta 5

Ciccianni PROductions says:

ok my iPad is broken

chelsie louissaint says:

It’s on my iPhone sound on games doesn’t work

blue funnyboy says:

Thank u so much

The Sweetcat Show says:

OMG thank u so much for posting this i thought my iPad was just going psycho

Kittycat Productions says:


Rene A says:

That button doesn’t show up for me

Cheefus Smith says:

Go raibh maith agat!

SaveOurPlanet01 says:

Thankyou so much 😀

DaPastel Potato. says:

I’m on ipad 5th generation and I don’t have that

CourtingLyric53 says:

It was just the switch that was making my game have no sound 🤪 I’m so dumb

SundaeApple says:

Thanks heaps babe I got back the sound for my game woohoo 🎉

AntonyIsABoss Zearf says:

Thank you! So much

shujaat khan says:

Simple solution to the problem, thanks very much for sharing

BriZ Toxic Bro says:

Omg thxs so much I subed and liked this helped me now I can hear I haven’t been able to hear for a month now

Career_Savage21 xXTriniXx says:

It even happens on my iPhone 8… ugh 😡 and I don’t have it on mute tf?

Allyna Ascencio says:

Omg thank you so much, i was playing roblox and i was like why isnt there any sound? so thank you so much!

MineDidGaming says:

Im so flocking dumb…..

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