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how to fix No Display Black Screen problem in Smartphone, iPhone or Tablet

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how to fix the No Display and Black Screen Problem in SONY Phone or Tablet
how to fix the No Display and Black Screen Problem in Phone or Tablet
Iphone 6 & 6 PLUS – FIX Black Screen , Won’t Turn On , Screen Blank (2017)


Everything!! You need says:

okay okay okay stop this word

DAY . AKA . . Think Donkey ! says:

If I was u & Before I stared to Rip my phone to Bits for NOTE At all, . ! As it might be a black Screen Cus u Didn't Even Try to turn it on Properly kidder, . Cus Some Units (phones & tablets) . Turn on in Diff Ways, . Meaning the way u press the button I Couldn't See Turning any kind of Unit on, . As U Pressed the Power Button for not even 1 Sec, . ? U need to Lightly Press the Button (not give it death as some do, lol) & then Hold it there UNTIL The Screen Wakes up before U let Go my Friend True, . ! Then if it Don't work look into diff Stuff to sort it, . But not with the BIGGEST SCREWDRIVER U CAN FIND IN THE HOUSE Dow kidder, . lol . Bless u, . !

Sanket Pawar says:

What about phone without removable battery ?

Mattie Brown says:

do u do the same thing for lg stylo 2 phone

Vasanthakumar Vasanth says:

my mobile asus Zenfone 2 laser problem help me

Sylvan Forsberg says:

I Put A New Screen On It Didnt Work

Sylvan Forsberg says:

I have tried Everthing it hasent Worked

Jass Kumar says:

thanks bro my screen worked

CrazyLifeOfAlexa #Chalot/LexiMhel says:

How did you take of the Back Cover?

The Akhil says:

Koi keh rha hai flux sahe nii hai

Elver Morales says:

Can't understand

Sapna Sandhu says:

stop repeating okay okay !!

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