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How to fix No Bootable device issue on Laptop

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How to fix No Bootable device issue on Laptop


Matze FFM says:

I love you, Dude! My ASPIRE is working again!

Utkarsh Singh says:

Is you data will be saved

infamousgt27 says:

It still not work

CraftingMyWorld says:

I cannot thank you enough for this solution 🙂 It fixed (at least temporarily) the problem with our computer today and I can use it again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

RebelliousKFC says:

Ok… Hitting my laptop because of my game lagging may have been an bad idea

darph25 says:

thank you so much i actually had this problem a couple months back and paid someone to sort it! looks like they never! least i found this video! worked a treat thanks bro

wardog_HD says:

thanks a lot ass hole no when i try to turn my laptop on it wont show anything on the screen i can see the light that says its on but nothing happens

كل مايخص كرة القدم says:

>ختي قاتلك نحبك انتا واش رايك لكان انت قابل انا تاني قابل عيطلي نتفاهمو :3

Faith-Ann Chinniss says:

Worked well on my laptop. I was just about to give up

Happy Singh says:

Thanks man !
this video really helped !

Harambe says:

my laptop just froze on me, then i turned it off manually and turned it back on and it scared me when it sais no bootable device, because 1 1/2 months ago I had tk get my laptop fixed because it said my version of windows wasnt genuine and i couldnt open anything and i could login without the password.

Paolagda says:

thank you, that´s is the solution, now the problem is BOOTMGR is missing

Ashley Wells says:

Thank You So Much!!❤❤❤


I have a Gateway LT4008u and what a piece of shit it is.

Carl B says:

Thank you so much! Problem solved!

佛山胎儿成日身体配合人 says:

does this work for Acer aspire e5

Lee MacCloudy says:

Why you have windows 7

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