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How to fix my Ipad that won’t turn on or charge

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How to fix Ipad 1 that won’t turn on or charge
How to fix Ipad 2 that won’t turn on or charge
How to fix Ipad 3 that won’t turn on or charge
How to fix Ipad 4 won’t turn on or charge

How to fix iphone that won’t turn on or charge


ItzBot360 Studios or GreatThecoolbot says:

option 2 worked !! 🙂

Lovely Roses says:

Thank you so so so much number two worked for me !!!! I was so worried THANKS ALOT !!!!?!!!!

Silverburst Rai says:

Thank you very much 😊

AutoBot SideSwipe says:

OMG!! Ty so much I thought mine was broken o-O

Favorites says:

english only USA

Mrkiwi 12 says:

Yass perfect vid

Angel Plays says:

No way it works

Jerrod Corey says:

For Christs Sake . . . . . .This was incredibly annoying as I was following along trying to fix my ipad 1st of all you take forever to get to the point speed up your shit and quit babbling 2nd none of these 3 things worked. Worthless video total waste of my time , LAME.

Rose Hensley says:

How to fix my iPad. Thank you I did not know any of that smart girl you are Miss Rose US

Graham B says:

thanks, it worked for me.

Raquel Salmu says:

This worked for me

tsinito28 says:

thank you for the info. it really works!

Talal Al dahouk says:

Why you talk toooo much????

john sale says:

well show your fucking ugly
face bitch

Rayyan Ahmad says:

i have the same problem but it is not fixing

gbraad.nl says:

3:26 Home + power button… or home + power + volume down. Please, get to the point next time!

adriya_ anwar says:

2 hour injro

Abdirazak Yusuf says:

Thx I worked!!!

Roycean Butler says:

faker its a fake

WarmBiscuts13 says:

Wow you know how to make a video DRAG the fuck on

Fernando Moreira says:

it did not work

Darlene Colmar says:

Wow! Incredibly easy, worked first time and I can't believe I didn't know what to do!

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