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How to fix LG smartphone keyboard problem

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I will show you how to fix the LG keyboard problems like keyboard not wanting to show up or work.

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Anne Brewitt says:

My LG keyboard keeps changing to chinese. I managed to change it back to English but my Y and Z have switched places which is so annoying. How do I get the Y to go back next to the T and the Z back next to the X.

Agathokakologic says:

I have to reload the page to get the keyboard to pop up.
There is no fix in the world for flawed design, bad tech and cheap materials combined in one brand.

Gengar Shadow Gamer Boy says:

I need help like really badly, my keyboard doesn't come up for Roblox either it takes about 10 seconds to load Wich rarely happens or it doesn't load at all ;d and I don't have the keyboard thing u have in the vid;( please help me PLEEAASEEE

Ben Russell says:

Thank you very much. Your tips were helpful. I thought my phone contracted a virus when the keyboard would not show.

Henry Nyla says:

That does not work for me phone

Faith White says:

It did work for my LG phone this is my tablet

David Morrison says:

Go to play store and download a keyboard it was the only way it would work on my phone. Thevmsg kept popping up all the time this was the only way it worked. None other ways worked.

E da soc player says:

I watch these BC I have an iPhone and I like to laugh at all the problems an android has 😂

Lil Chibi says:

My keyboard pops up then closes :/ help pleasee

F l u x says:

It happens on Snapchat to me

B P says:

Does NOT work…no Android Keyboard.

Embassy says:

Thanks for adding this. I have an LG Aristo and, despite what keyboard app I install, the autocorrect is HORRIBLE. I spend a significant amount of time correcting words rather than typing them out. One thing I know about this phone is that it has an anemic 16 GB of memoet. See? It couldn't even spell "memory" correctly. I do have a memory card installed but I'm wondering if limited native memory could be causing rhis, (agaain, the words should have been "this" and "again"), if a glitch in the phone would cause poor auto correct on all appa, or what it might bw. "Be". It impaies an efficient use of rhis. (this). Please help. Thanks.

Hodge729 says:

thanks, clearing the data worked for me

Jessee Lisa Beatty says:

My frickin key board wont leyt me type certain letters like t or c it wll type y or r or its hard to get it to type..i have to keep tapping the letter i want to type ..its annoying..

Tanya Foster says:

My issue it that my texts take forever to send, or even fail altogether. Idk how to fix it. I have an LG Fiesta 2.

Fazy Channel says:

This is useful it work first I go to settings and then language and input there is LG keyboard and then I press Google voice typing after that I press default and it did not show android keyboard I just press LG keyboard and it work

Blue_ki_jack Is Killing 'Em Got Em says:

my keyboard doesn't show up i mean the base part is there but the keys aren't

Lorrie Oldham says:

Bless you. I am glad you were here for me

Afi Abdi says:

I have a Samsung, and when I click ''Samsung keyborard'' it don't show up. It's just taking a long time and froses:(

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