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How to Fix Laptop Turns On But No Display On Monitor

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How to Fix Laptop Turns On But No Display On Monitor


vishwanath says:

None worked for me may be bad RAM 😢

Madison Rex says:

Can't believe it work!!!! Thank you!

dark land says:

Thanks a lot brother it really worked

Shuq Shuqran says:

Man…I lovveeeee uuuuuu

Karanbir Singh Singh says:

nhi hoya kiya hai HP g62 laptop osme two ram hai ek uper ek niche please keya kro

DredHeadGoku guro says:

thanksss bruhhhhhhhhh ur a life saver

Varun Reddy says:

Laptop screen damaged but I connected to monitor even though no display

tSokoy says:

Your a legend

Nishant Kumar says:

yesterday it was worked bt today getting same prblm not worked

Hacking Tips says:

tnx man u saved my life

Harish Karthik says:

Thank u so much 🙂
It's working
Love u

Technical Gurdeep ji says:

mere laptop may hai nahi y

Faez Fazma says:

thanks a lot. it works!!!

Nightcore Gaming says:

not working

anonymouser360 says:

Omg! Thank you so much. It works on my Dell laptop =)

Meeki Espiritu says:

its working too me..5000 thumbs up try guys this the solution..=)))))

hed15001 hed15001 says:

looks like there was still an error on the screen. Your laptop probably doesn't work still.

adberg collin xavier says:

Thanku so much It really helped

Andrew Manzo says:

thank you soo much it worked

S.M. Rakib says:

Thanks a lot dear sir or mam for the awesome support..! I am really greatfull​ to u man.

Zoe Read says:

I love this video :D!!

Maria Cuevas says:

still no fix for me 😣

Hassan Vlogz says:

the data will remain save or not

Abdulrehman Sadiq says:

they no work

Allen Catipan says:

Ay sala ka! Mali ang scrue mo!

Alpha says:

it worked thankx

Edwin Crieta says:


Ayman Rodriguez says:

its working thank you

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