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How To Fix Laptop That Won’t Turn On (internal battery)

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How To Fix Laptop That Won’t Turn On
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Hoe Repareer Ik Snel En Eenvoudig Een Laptop Die Niet Wil Starten


Kazi 05 says:

Best laptop video ever😀

Emmanuel Gomez says:

My Chromebook was working fine 2 hours later it doesn't turn on at all. I watched the video and I told my dad if I could use his screw and he said I was being ridiculous and the battery was over heated and had to wait what do I do? 🙁

lolol yoyo says:

Thank u it worked


I have acer gateway ne46rs1 with non removable battery . I was working on it and suddenly it stopped what should I do?

Traci Villa says:

I am going to try this. My laptop acts like it wants to turn on but than it goes off.

bearbaughgames says:

I subscribed, and i need you help

gaurav rawat says:

why this problem happens and what should we do to not to face the same problem again
plz reply its important

Marisa McKenzie says:

Where is the part where you bang your laptop with a hammer in the thumbnail

Frozone says:

How much is an adapter?

Jam-B de Dios says:

Good day sir, i subscibed, my laptop suddenly shut down and won’t turning on, i tried to push the tiny hole in the back but not working, i have acer v nitro with non removable battery, can you please help me to fix this?

Alison Evans says:

I hope this works…I was just watching something and suddenly my laptop went dead. My battery pack was extremely hot. I'm wondering if my battery pack was to blame and it's now dead.

Bellah May says:

i subscribed

Learning Kids says:

You are now my fav person to fix laptops.

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