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How to Fix Laptop Spacebar Key HP Notebook keyboard Tutorial

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This is a Video Tutorial / Guide that will show you how to repair spacebar key on a laptop. If you have a broken or removed mechanical spacebar keycap on your laptop, this video will help you replace or fix the key in a few minutes.

It is a little bit complicated as it has stabilizing bars like some other keys for example enter or backspace can also have a stabilizing bar.

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This tutorial shows step by step how to reattach the space bar on a HP Pavilion g6 series (Hewlett Packard ). You can use the video to fix the other keys too as the plastic hinges are the same, just use the same method.

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FriendlyScout2 says:

life saver totally worth it

Shola Ameobi says:

My hinges broke 😣

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rameen fatima says:

I want a help…i m unable to fix space bar key ..i have 4 parts on my laptop..but in this video only 2 parts ..so how can i fix

Quiet People says:

thx, spacebar now working

Rachelle A says:

Thank you! 😊

BlanketClub21 says:

thank you so much if my dad found out I did that I would be fucked

Muhammad Fathir A. says:

But… Theres no enter button tutorial?cause my acer laptop enter doesnt work other too btw…pls

Garret Gang says:

I just do this with my hands, as it takes about 1/4 the time

ahimsainternational says:

Thank you. I would not have figured it out were it not for your video.

Muktar Shittu says:

thanyou ur amazing

Cubinx Minecraft says:

Thanks dude. My life is saved!

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Thanks bro, really helped me out!

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tanx alot ur the best man it really helped me

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