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This is a 50 /50 shot but definitely give it a try before sending it in for repair. This is and ESD (electric static discharge) on HP , it should work for other laptops as well such as Dell, sony vaio, samsung, compact,lenovo (etc)

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Lobetec says:

WOW! thanks it worked And my dell latitude E5430 is up and running! it m8ight not work for everyone because there are different causes so it dependes but thanks this is not clickbait!

Yaswanth Sreepathi says:

my lap showing ur lap ran in problem at startup… I have tried testing hard disk and memory but no use….

Shaik Zameeruddin says:

afterwards can we put battery

Neygamer ney says:

thx I subscribed

Neygamer ney says:

omg it's worked. but what I did is my charger was in the laptop so I removed the cover of the laptop and I disconnected the charger and I hold the on button and it's worked

Neygamer ney says:

every time I do shutdown to boot it up it takes 4 weeks

Sidra Ch says:

but my latopt cant poewr on

Jonathan Ayson says:

my laptop won't turn on in battery, but if i will plug the charger it will on

Macy Hall says:

Thx it worked you're a genius??????????????

Raja Zeeshan Ali says:

Sir I Have Issue with my Laptop My Laptop is showing that is charging but do not power on my laptop..
Actually some days ago i can charge my laptop with 12 Volt charger about 15 minutes and after that my laptop won't Start….

Shiva Goud says:

How to I on my laptop having no charger and adapter …Plz reply my query.

Ahmad Sofian says:

Thanks for the tips bro! my Acer laptop can now be turned on…

ashish bhagat says:

is this trick really work?

Rachel Moore says:

This helped me so much!! I have a HP laptop and I was getting scared

It'sRihanna YT says:

Thank You so much 🙂 I needed something to play sims on and my battery was just crazy so Thxs you got a a new subscribe

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