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How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Keys Not-Working

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Some of the keys from laptop keyboard are not working, such as e, i, o, p, q, r, u, w keys are not working in my laptop keyboard. Help me to correct this issue. Or you have a problem with the keyboard on the laptop: the following keys do not work:3,e,d,c, etc and these keys are diagonally in a row.


No Thanks says:

My VV key is not VVorking . VVhat should i do?

Adnan Humayun says:

sir i have asus q550lf sometimes some keys like enter,spacebar,z,b,n,arrow
keys up and down keys stopworking. but after sometime when i was working
start working again. i already search on google but no result, here is the

please help me sir 

Ganesh Lotkar says:

sir my laptop G,H & num lock 2 keys not working , keybord allreddy change

pravin hongekar says:

My Laptop Model Is HP 430, while starting up my laptop beep sound is coming
for 1 min after it starts normally and in search tab it shows
please help

Melinda St.Croix says:

My keyboard is having problems. When I type a 4 I get 4v, 3 I get 3c, 2 I
get 2x, 1 I get 1z

Dawn Barrella says:

i have a gateway lt3120 i just bought a replacement keyboard nd different
key are now not working , if i press hard on some they work, but others
dont at all.

qrsa says:

Sir my keyboard is not working. The whole keyboard. solution please..

max payne says:

My 1,q ,a ,z,` is not working

Haikal Najmi says:

Sir,i had dell inspiron 3420, but my f8,8,i,k,and ‘,’ not working plz help

InThaPc says:

Hello sir, some buttons on my notebook not working qwer uiop. i have dell
inspiron 7520 please help me. thank you

Anup Upadhaya says:

sir my arrow keys are not running

Dragan Jerinic says:

F and W don’t work? Please help?

Muhammad Hamza Rauf says:

Sir my fujitsu laptop ah530 keyboad keys “247 io@#&)_+” are not working
nothing just happened no damage nothing. can u identify the issue???

tyagi ji says:

sir i have a lenovo t420i laptop and its narrow keys (right & down ) not
working even in the bios , can u help me in that and just want to know thus
i can be a motherboard problem or just due to keyboard.

amri phiruz says:

good afternoon sir, I possessed the same problem on the keyboard on my
netbook acer ao happy, some buttons do not work, like the ctrl key, fn,
alt, and space, I’ve tried to overcome it by replacing it with a
new-keyboard, but nonetheless same button does not work,
please help its for an issue that I have experienced,

best regart

ashok basnet says:

hello sir ! my laptop is acer . accidently i pour some water then some keys
doesnot work and when i type A it types sw.

Tamanna Akhtar says:

Hello, I have a HP Pavilion g6. the problem is that my ‘y’ and ‘t ‘ are
not working at all for 3 days. I have restarted but It was no help. What
should I do?

Ganesh Lotkar says:

dear sir,
my lenovo G570 laptop G H keys not working . allredy replace new

Varish Ansari says:

these keys are not working in my laptop “0 8 9 O L .” and comma key
what should i do

EI Lamboy says:

my 8, I, K, and , keys do not work on my laptop. I replaced the keyboard
and i’m still but still having the same problem. This laptop was upgraded
from XP to Windows 7 would that be the cause of my problem. Also my audio
does not work either..

james tom says:

sir my 2wsx keys are not working i have cut the carbon about 1 mm but still
does not work what should i do sir please advice me waiting for your reply

Brandon Simmasouk says:

My “2, w” keys dont work sometimes, and i have to keep pressing it in order
for it to work. What should I do? A new keyboard would cost me $100. 

Chop Neese says:

my s,d,g,h keys are not working sometimes. when i fastly press s and d like
spam it all the keys work again for some time. what do i do?

Raimo Sulg says:

my q,1 and 3 are working but randomly they stop working for a period of
time and it takes 2 minutes – to 30 minutes for them to start again

Cheating Man says:

t and y wont work sometimes they will

Gavil atius says:

sir my 1, w, s, and x keys refuse to respond on a membrane contact laptop
keyboard. what must i do?

GuboCube says:

My keyboard got liquid damaged i cleaned it and its dry now but only few
keys work now like : s,o,p,alt,space,ctrl,shift,2,c and when i press ; it
types ;c so should i try replace keyboard or its motherboard (connector)

CJ Georfo says:

The keys “8 O L and .” does not function on my laptop. I tried connecting a
different keyboard but nothing has changed, same keys are not functioning.
How do I fix it? Hope you could help. Thanks.

Deval Singh says:

sir milk fell on my laptop keyboard and one particular line is not working
like qwertyuiop[] tab , caps., shift..what should i do ?

Shannon Bradbury says:

I recentl boght a new laptop however 4 kes do not work. 6, and the nmber
following on the top then, the letters which have been missed in the above
words (onl two) shold i send it back or is there a wa to fix it?

k sony reddy says:

i have an asus F202e. I had removed the keyboard flex cable once, upon
reinserting both the shift keys don’t work. Tried to tighten the connector,
still then i saw many keys stopped working. After few tries, now both right
and left shift are typing unusual characters (right shift types- ;v.j,/ and
left shift key types- 6=0p]). Any suggestion will be helpful. Thanks for
the video. 

Anil Jadhav says:

sir i have compaq laptop.. i have removed keyboard for cleaning purpose but
now it wasnt be connected… some times connects but not all keys works ..
checked connection for lot of times but same problem… pls help

peoplesgame1 says:

the keys on my lap keeps on pressing. the backspace key keeps pressing and
when hit enter or spacebar it stops.sometimes when back space is pressed
instead of backspace 2 is shown on screen

HsuYee Wong says:

Sir, my w,r,y,u,o,enter and fn key not working on my asus k46cm. how to fix

Mohamad Mohamad says:

Sir, my 2,W,S,X and 8,O,L, columns of keys do not work at all. I am using
the onscreen keyboard to type this now. Please help, thank you.

Heinz doofenshmirts says:

My number five num pad key popped off my toshiba sattelite c55 a5310….how
do i reattache?

TheNabhanabuljabl says:

Hi! My keyboard was working fine, but when I switched it on after a few
hours, a few keys stopped working!! They are not in one matrix. It’s
literally random keys across the keyboard.

I have Linux as well as Windows. So it’s probably not the keyboard drivers.
Any suggestions?

Adnan Ahmad says:

Sir my keybord key some time work and some time not work so plz help.me

Awadhesh Yadav says:

Hi Sir,

I have Lenovo G 500 (1 year old) in this laptop the numeric keys 0, 1, 4,
7, 9,6,3 and * is not working all other numeric keys like 2,5,8,/,-,.,+ and
“Enter” Key is working. What should can I do..? Please help

I am living in a small village of up where Serive center is 300 Km Away
Please help.


Nikhil Pandya says:

My laptop’s some keys suddenly stop working.When i start my lappy it will
work fine for some 30 mins and then suddenly it starts troubling. And i
would like to ask you one more thing that can you please tell me that how
to get rid of stripped screw {screw Not opening}. I wanted to replace my
keyboard but as few screws are not opening i was not able to replace it.
Please help.

Haikal Najmi says:

can you help me my iik8, wont work

mejasca velasco says:

my toshiba keyboard leter A,`~,and shift notworking, pls tell me whats
the problem?

Andre Ramos says:

My Laptop overheated and shutdown.
The problem is that when he restarted the many keys above the most hot zone
didnt work!
Any idea?

PS: pls, use subtitl3s in n3xt movi3

Ankit Goda says:

Keys q,w,e,r, u, i, o, p have stopped working suddenly on my hp g6 laptop
but t & y are working in the upper row. no spill, crumbs problem. power
button down and driver reinstall didnt work. please guide how to solve

Matias Manalastas says:

Hi my laptop keys W,R,T,U,,O backspace are not working sometimes it works,
I tried reinstalling driver and format the computer byt the problem still
persists thanks

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